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April 5, 2015

Johnson Wagner


Q.テつ Johnson, you said you knew how different that 18th hole would be.テつ Walk us through that putt that ultimately had you in the playoff?
JOHNSON WAGNER:テつ It's one of those putts you always hit in the practice round.テつ I had a good idea it was going the break a little right, left.テつ I thought I had missed it low here, and then it broke back right at the end and just went in dead center.テつ I wish I looked more athletic than that.テつ I like fist-pumping a lot on the 18th green.テつ I remember in 2008 I remembered I fist-pumped.テつ I'm on Cloud 9 right now getting ready to go out there and play 18 again.テつ Love that hole.

Q. Congratulations, see you in a few minutes.

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