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April 5, 2015

Johnson Wagner


AMANDA HERRINGTON:テつ Johnson, thank you for joining us for a few minutes.テつ Little drama down the stretch you gave us.テつ A big week for you here.テつ Talk the about emotions and what this week has been like for you.
JOHNSON WAGNER:テつ It's been a great week, a great week.テつ The Shell Houston Open is one of maybe four regular Tour events that I would consider my Majors.テつ The others, Quail Hollow and Charlotte where I live and a member.テつ Doesn't get any better for me than this.テつ Pretty disappointed right now, but I hit so many good shots coming in.テつ Lot to take away from it, but yeah, pretty disappointed.テつ Had some daydreams of the Masters, obviously, but not this year.

Q.テつ What were your thoughts going over that final putt?テつ You would have taken it to the third playoff hole.テつ What was it, about 5 feet?
JOHNSON WAGNER:テつ Maybe 6 feet.テつ I don't know.テつ Pretty easy spot.テつ Inside left, left.テつ Just slow up the hill and into the wind, and I just thought I was going to drill it right in the back and just didn't give it enough speed.テつ Just slower than obviously the putts I had on the green coming straight downhill, downwind.テつ I hit a good putt.テつ No regrets on that.テつ J.B. hit a beautiful shot in there, probably should have made that putt.テつ I'll give him some grief about not making that putt and making me have to putt that 6-footer.テつ He hit beautiful shots in the playoff.テつ Obviously shot a great round of 8-under today.テつ I thought the course played pretty tough.テつ It was cold and a little bit of drizzle.

Q.テつ Were there any nerves on that putt at all?
JOHNSON WAGNER:テつ Surprisingly not too bad.テつ I was pretty nervous all day, but, no, no.テつ I felt really comfortable over it, and, you know, I felt like I hit a good putt.テつ Didn't hit it hard enough.

Q.テつ What about the putt coming in to get you in the playoff?
JOHNSON WAGNER:テつ After I got up and down -- by the way, the best shot I hit all day was the 3-iron into 17.テつ Just 2 yards left and I think it one hops to about a foot.テつ Making the par putt there on 17 I got pretty emotional.テつ I knew I was going to birdie the last after I made that putt.

Q.テつ Did where J.B. hit his shot on the second hole cause you to be more aggressive on the first putt?
JOHNSON WAGNER:テつ Such a hard putt.テつ The ridge that runs through that green, it's like a race track, it's like rounding a corner at a race track.テつ It's really hard to hit it hard enough to get it up that hill and to keep it right enough.テつ And no, I love the putt I hit.テつ It was an easy putt I had coming back.テつ I certainly wasn't going to leave it short and I honestly -- my caddy was slow playing me, Matt.テつ He walked back and he's like, "Get a good spot."テつ I was like, "Get out of here.テつ Tend the flag.テつ Pick this thing out of the hole for me."テつ Not to sound like a jerk there, but I had really good visions of that first putt going in.

Q.テつ Can you recall another time being as emotional as you were on both 17 and 18?
JOHNSON WAGNER:テつ No.テつ The only other time would have been 18 here in 2008 when I fist-pumped a hundred times in three minutes -- not three minutes, maybe the three seconds.テつ I was pretty emotional.テつ I'm looking forward to watching that putt on 18 in regulation many times and realizing how much fire I have to compete in this game, and I just want to win tournaments, I want to be on Ryder Cups.テつ Everybody's goal.テつ It's nice to get in the hunt again, put myself in a position.

Q.テつ When the disappointment kind of goes way and you look at this, what does it do for your year and getting things back on track?
JOHNSON WAGNER:テつ I'm playing off 126 to 150 status.テつ I should shuffle up to No. 1 in that category.テつ I already have a sponsor exemption at RBC.テつ So I was hoping this Top-10 would carry over to New Orleans.テつ It looks like -- I don't even know, FedExCup or money or anything, but I'm sure a second place finish will go a long way to at least keeping my card and put me in a position to make a run at the FedExCup Playoffs this year.

Q.テつ You were pretty candid yesterday about the last few months or year and a half of your Tour and how things have gone and how you lost track of some things.テつ All this taking place now, you kind of indicated maybe it was all starting to come back to you, but is this just another step in the progress?
JOHNSON WAGNER:テつ It is.テつ I'm a good player.テつ I strike the ball well, but my mind gets in my way.テつ When I don't focus and when I don't have fun on the golf course, I get lazy and I don't practice and it's just -- golf is a cycle.テつ It's like a wave and I tend to not ride the highs long enough and ride the lows for too long.テつ I don't know what it is, but hopefully this is a good start to a it turn around for me.
AMANDA HERRINGTON:テつ All right.テつ Well, thank you so much for joining us.テつ Great playing this week.
JOHNSON WAGNER:テつ Thank you.テつ Appreciate it.テつ Thanks, guys.

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