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April 5, 2015

Stephanie Meadow


Q. You start out with a 76 this week and got better, and got yourself back into the tournament with 68 on the second day. Do you put that down to anything in particular?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Well, I haven't played a competitive round since December, so that's probably why. But it wasn't really nerves. I just hit a few bad shots and it ended up being 76. So I felt pretty confident even after that, so I thought I could come out and shoot better the next few days.

Q. So it was down to just being a little rusty?

Q. No particular bad shots?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, just all around rusty. Didn't hit a lot of fairways, and the fairways are pretty tight out here anyways, but other than that, it was just the rust.

Q. Did you go on the range and try to figure something out?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, yeah, I called all my coaches and did a lot of driver work on the range out there, and I felt great after.

Q. You said you haven't competed since December, is that partly because you don't have full stakes in the LPGA?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, and partly because my dad was sick, so I took some time off to be with him and this is my first one back. I wouldn't have gotten into the other tournaments anyway, but I might have played a few Symetras.

Q. So you sort of raised prominence last summer with your third place finish in the U.S. Are you getting kind of used to playing in majors now? Do you feel comfortable out there?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, definitely. I played in a few majors as an amateur, and I think that really, really helped. I don't have any nerves. It's just a normal tournament. You have to feel like it like that.

Q. Do you feel different now being a professional and playing for money?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: A little bit at the start like oh, this is really a job now, and you have to put food on the table. But when you play golf for a living, what could be better? It's just fun.

Q. So you went on to college out here. Do you feel more comfortable out here playing?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: You know, it's been a while. It takes me a while to get back into links. It's so different, and you have to think so differently. So I would say I'm pretty comfortable out here, but I (Indiscernible).

Q. So plans for next week?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Next week? I'm going home tonight, and hopefully I'll try to get in the field for Hawaii so we'll see. I'll get out there early.
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