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April 4, 2015

Vasek Pospisil

Jack Sock


6‑3, 1‑6, 10‑8

Q. テつHi, guys, what are your thoughts on the match?テつ Obviously hard‑fought on both sides.
JACK SOCK:テつ Yeah, it was my fault.テつ I mean, they came out playing great in the first, I thought.テつ I didn't serve great in the first and we got broken.
With those guys, can't mis many first serves, because they do take advantage of your second serve and put pressure on you.テつ They came out hot, and then in the second set we obviously we regrouped and Vasek started returning really well, which got us in some return games.
I kind of found my rhythm there at the end and I started serving better.テつ We played a very good second set.
In the breaker we got down early obviously.テつ Had a good fight back, and I definitely messed up at 8‑All.テつ Chalk this one up on me.
It was a good two weeks‑‑ three, four weeks actually with Indian Wells.テつ Yeah, regroup and then Madrid.

Q.テつ You guys smoked them in the second set.テつ Bathroom break right after the first.テつ What did you discuss?テつ Why do you feel like you were able to change it so dramatically?
VASEK POSPISIL:テつ As Jack said, we just had it regroup.テつ They came out firing.テつ The conditions were a little bit different.テつ Today I thought the balls were flying a lot, so everything was going pretty fast.テつ Where were just rushing, playing at their pace.
Yeah, we took a bathroom break and slowed down a bit and just took our time out there.テつ Made a couple adjustments and then it just became like a dogfight at the end there.
It happens.テつ You win some, you lose some.テつ Obviously can't win them all.テつ We've gotten away with some super breakers.テつ Just one of those matches that could have gone either way.テつ Yeah, they played well.テつ Credit to them.

Q.テつ Entertaining for the fans and media too.テつ What was it like for you guys playing such a competitive match, especially the super breaker?
JACK SOCK:テつ It's fun.テつ It's always fun against these guys.テつ They bring a lot of energy.テつ Hopefully, yeah, like you said, the fans are enjoying it.テつ We like to do that and help out, bring the energy to the doubles.テつ I think a lot of people, spectators, do like watching.
Yea, we try to make it fun and try to bring, yeah, like you said a lot of energy to it.テつ Yeah, I think there towards the end it was a lot of fun for them and for us to come back in the breaker.
Obviously we got down pretty far, and then to come back and make it interesting at the end, and a matter of a couple points, it was a lot of fun and entertaining match.

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