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April 4, 2015

Carla Suarez Navarro


S. WILLIAMS/C. Suarez Navarro
6‑2, 6‑0

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Did you expect the game to be as difficult as it was?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ Yes, always.テつ When I play with Serena I know that she's the best.テつ She has the game to make me play bad.
But, well, this time I believe in me, in how I'm playing the other match.テつ I try.テつ I try until the last point, but was tough and was difficult for me.

Q.テつ Your coach came out to give you some coaching advice in the second set.テつ Do you remember what he said?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ Well, he said that I need to try, I need to believe I can do it, I can win points, and play point by point.
So the most important is that I need to fight.テつ I need to try every point.

Q.テつ Does she ever seem unbeatable?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ I don't understand.テつ (Translated.)
No, no.テつ She has style of game that for me is not good, but she lost sometimes.テつ But, I mean, for me, it's really difficult to beat Serena.

Q.テつ Were you nervous at all?テつ You seemed nervous.

Q.テつ Your favorite shot, your beautiful stroke, is your one‑handed backhand.テつ I imagine you're disappointed in that stroke, especially early in the first set when you had a chance.
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ Yeah, because Serena play with a lot of spin to my backhand and the ball is going like up to my backhand.テつ I need more power.
It's difficult.テつ So that's why I need to slice almost.

Q.テつ Did you believe you could beat her before the match and did you believe you could beat her during the match?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ Yeah, before the match, of course.テつ And during the match I believe, but every time it's more difficult.
But before the match I believe, yeah.

Q.テつ How do you prepare a plan to go against Serena?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ Yes.テつ We prepare before the match.テつ My coach say me that I need to serve good.テつ Today I don't serve really good.
Then just to be solid.テつ Be aggressive when I can.テつ The most important is to be solid, but today was difficult for me do that.

Q.テつ Looking at her as a fellow tennis player, what is it about her game and success and things that gives you maybe the most inspiration or makes you feel the most respect?

Q.テつ Looking at her, yes.テつ What is your opinion of er.
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ Of Serena?テつ Yes, well, she always want more and more and winning and be the best.テつ I don't know how old is she, but she want all the time to be the best, to be the No. 1.
That's it.

Q.テつ If you could take one thing from her, a technical thing or a mental thing, what would you take?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ For me, technical, just the serve.テつ She won a lot of points with the serve.テつ For my game will be better.

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