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April 4, 2015

Kelvin Day


Q.テつ Two bogies this week.テつ You're on the leaderboard.テつ Has it been as easy as you've made it look?
KELVIN DAY:テつ We got a pretty good game plan.テつ Don't hit too many drivers.テつ Crushing my 3-wood.テつ Hitting a lot of those.テつ Made it look a little easier than it has been.テつ I've been pretty relaxed the whole week.

Q.テつ One of the highlights on 17 today, birdie putt.テつ Down the hill?
KELVIN DAY:テつ We saw Justin's putt moved pretty fast, pin high.テつ We kind of feel it was there and we kind of hit it straight.テつ Let it do it's thing.

Q.テつ As a Monday qualifier, you come in here, how ready were you to play and are you surprised that you find yourself in this position?
KELVIN DAY:テつ I'm not surprised that I'm playing well.テつ Been playing well for a long time.テつ Been struggling a little this year.テつ We tried to simplify things this week.テつ I made nine birdies in the Monday qualifier.テつ I've also been in the birdie mindset.テつ Definitely helps coming into it.テつ Monday qualify, get a good score, and everything is obviously clicking.

Q.テつ How different are the courses on the Web.com versus on big course like this on the PGA TOUR?
KELVIN DAY:テつ The ones I played, I only played five, six events this year, little shorter.テつ And down in South America, I was hitting a lot of 3-irons off the tee.テつ Here I can swing away a little more.テつ Obviously with the rough not being as high this week and the guys are getting ready for Augusta, definitely that's it.

Q.テつ Keep it going, you might punch your ticket to Augusta.テつ Best of luck over the weekend.
KELVIN DAY:テつ Appreciate it.

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