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April 4, 2015

Patrick Reed


Q. テつHole-in-one on the 16th hole today.テつ Walk us through that shot.
PATRICK REED:テつ Just one of those perfect 5-iron numbers.テつ Actually hit just a tad right of the flag, and with my little draw just saw it bounce a little left and perfect speed and fell in the middle of the cup.

Q.テつ After the hole-in-one you and the caddy had a little bit of a race.テつ Tell us about that as well.テつ We heard you lost -- was it a bracelet that went in the water?
PATRICK REED:テつ It did.テつ Yeah, yesterday he was -- we were last to hit yesterday.テつ He was kind of behind everybody.テつ Told him he had to hurry up, because I heard the people cheering for the caddies and now he's a hometown boy.テつ I had to have him win the race.テつ Today I thought if I got a little speed on him to catch up, I might be able to take him, but he's just a little too quick.

Q.テつ How did the knee feel during that?テつ How did it feel during the round?
PATRICK REED:テつ The knee felt all right.テつ It's getting a lot better.テつ The only thing is sometimes when I load up on that left side, kind of twist that knee into impact, that's when I kind of feel some pain.テつ But luckily when I'm bending or walking, I don't really feel it too bad.テつ Hopefully it will be good for tomorrow and even better for the next week.

Q.テつ That hole-in-one on the 16th hole was on your front-9.テつ How did that hole-in-one kind of propel you for the rest of the round where you finished with a great score?
PATRICK REED:テつ Early in the round I was doing a lot of things well.テつ I seemed to be a little forced.テつ I had an unforced error on the three putts, two birdies.テつ Good iron shot on the other par-3.テつ Really wasn't -- I didn't get anything out of my round.テつ Kind of jump-started.テつ Rolled in a couple putts and had another chip-in to top it off.

Q.テつ Great round, thanks for your time, Patrick.

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