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April 4, 2015

Scott Piercy


Q.テつ Scott, solid play first round, third round, but today I thought it would be tougher for the breeze.テつ You had to pay attention out there.
SCOTT PIERCY:テつ I don't like the north breeze as much as the south.テつ I was really careful today where I hit it.テつ I didn't hit it as great as I did on Thursday, but I put it in places where I could make pars and then I took advantage of some good shots.

Q.テつ Those last few holes coming back with the back into the wind, 17 is just a beast right now, isn't it?
SCOTT PIERCY:テつ Yeah.テつ You know, I've been hitting driver, 9-iron, driver 8-iron into that hole.テつ Obviously hit a terrible tee shot there and had to hit 3-iron about 20 yards short of the green.テつ But, you know, just whenever that wind is in off the left, I struggle a little bit.テつ Johnson hit a good drive and didn't carry that bunker and it's playing long.

Q.テつ Only like 265 to carry the trap.テつ Playing really, really long?
SCOTT PIERCY:テつ The wind here is so heavy since we're at sea level.テつ If it's blowing 10 miles an hour, it plays probably close to 20 yards worth of, you know, of distance, where when you get downwind, if you have 10 miles into the wind downwind, it's probably about 5 miles or 5 yards difference.テつ It plays a big difference into the wind versus otherwise.

Q.テつ You look really comfortable out there with your golf game.テつ What are you thinking about going into Sunday?
SCOTT PIERCY:テつ I'm going to go work on it a little bit.テつ I didn't hit it quite how I wanted it today.テつ I managed it really well.テつ Hit some really good wedges.テつ Gave myself a chance and the putter came back alive a little bit and rolled it better today.

Q. Thanks for your time.テつ Good luck tomorrow.

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