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April 4, 2015

Shawn Stefani


Q.テつ Pretty good recovery on 18.
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ Yeah, got a good break.テつ I actually got a bad break off the tee, was really close to the lip, and then I had a good break with the ball hanging up.テつ You know, nice to take advantage of those situations when you have them come your way.

Q.テつ How close were you?
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ Couple feet.テつ I wasn't in the hazard.テつ Kind of in between the fairway cut and the hazard line.テつ Didn't have a great lie, but, you know, it wasn't a very difficult shot, kind of back up into the wind.テつ Knock it up there 5, 6 feet and knock it in.

Q.テつ Three days, three good rounds.
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ Yeah.テつ I mean, I've been playing well, you know.テつ I'm just trying to keep playing, keep doing the things I'm doing, you know.テつ Kind of just enjoying it, enjoying being home, enjoying playing and, you know, having -- enjoying everybody out here coming and supporting me.

Q.テつ With 18 left to play, how do you finish this day off and get to be where you want to be tomorrow?
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ One shot at a time.テつ Give myself opportunities.テつ I keep giving myself opportunities, I'm rolling the ball nicely, there's a chance.テつ I know Jordan is playing well.テつ Lot of good guys playing well at the top.テつ Obviously going to have to play well and keep up the aggressive play because backing off out here is not going to do it.

Q.テつ You know you can win this thing, right?
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ I do.テつ You know, we try not to focus on it.テつ We try to do what we do and play our game, and, you know, if there's a shot at the last hole, then that's what we -- great.テつ If not, you can't be thinking about your acceptance speech on the first hole tomorrow.テつ You got to go out there and play your game.テつ Do what you're doing well.テつ Keep doing it.テつ If you do that, you'll have a chance at the end of the day.

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