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April 3, 2015

Luke Guthrie


Q.テつ Luke, 4-under par, 68 in the second round.テつ Talk about your day.
LUKE GUTHRIE:テつ Yeah, it was another solid day.テつ Hit a lot of greens.テつ Kind of got a little loose on my back-9, front-9 there.テつ Hit a bad layup on 4.テつ Made about a 30-footer for par, which was kind of big for me.テつ Keeps the no bogies, keep that scorecard clean and didn't make a lot of putts today, but didn't let it get to me and just kind of kept playing solid golf.

Q.テつ Bogey-free, that's got to be nice.
LUKE GUTHRIE:テつ If I can keep that recipe going around for the weekend, just trying to keep it simple and don't put any bogies on the card, you know, and birdies kind of add up a little better that way.

Q.テつ You really seem to walk really fast, do a lot of things fast out there.テつ Is that to keep your tempo?
LUKE GUTHRIE:テつ Honestly, I've kind of struggled with slow play here early in my career.テつ I'm better this year and last year I've gotten better.テつ I was kind of walking fast, kind of like a way to make up for it.テつ But throughout my whole life I've always, when I'm playing good, I'm kind of out there, first off the tee and kind of out there to kind of go get it.テつ Good posture, all other things.テつ Just little things I'm trying to focus on.

Q.テつ Thoughts on the weekend, Luke.
LUKE GUTHRIE:テつ Same thing.テつ Don't do anything different.テつ Keep hitting greens, keep giving myself looks.テつ Like I said, it's not like I putted bad.テつ I've made my fair share.テつ It's not like I'm pouring in everything.テつ I'm excited for maybe to make a few more and keep giving myself chances.テつ The greens are so pure.

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