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April 3, 2015

Lexi Thompson


Q. Could you just sum up your day for us?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, overall it was a very consistent day. I felt really comfortable over my tee shots and iron shots today and rolled a few good putts out there, which was nice. But overall felt very comfortable.

Q. Obviously a disappointing finish. Can you kind of go over the hole for us?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah. Well, I hit a good drive. I had, I think, 202 front and like 227 pin, so it was the perfect hybrid to the middle of the green, I just got a little wild golf swing in there and came out of it. Almost made par, hit a great putt. But I didn't really want to lay up. I wanted to go for it. It's unfortunate, but got the weekend to recover.

Q. Even with the bogey at the end, do you feel like you're in a good spot going into the weekend?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I definitely feel like I'm in a good spot. Today went really well for my confidence. Yesterday was a little bit erratic off the tee, but today was a lot better over the ball, so I'm feeling really comfortable going into the weekend and just go out there and try to make some birdies.

Q. How much do you feel off your driver when you're driving it really well? How much does that affect the rest of your game?
LEXI THOMPSON: When I feel good over my driver? Well, it's huge. Once I feel comfortable over my driver I have a lot of confidence because then I'm hitting from the fairway and not playing for a bunch of roll-out out of the rough and thinking am I going to get a flier or not. Once I feel comfortable over that driver, it definitely makes a huge effect on the rest of my game.

Q. So the hybrid, what kind of happened there? What's the tendency there when you do that?
LEXI THOMPSON: You know, it was kind of weird because I was just looking at the middle of the green. I wasn't even looking at that swing. Felt like a good swing on the way back and then probably just got really quick on the way down and came out of it. It was an ugly golf shot. But it happens, and I tried my best to make par. Hit a good pitch shot in there, and unfortunately just lipped out the putt.

Q. Was the vibe between you and Lydia any different because she wasn't playing as well as yesterday, or was it still fairly --
LEXI THOMPSON: Well, we had a great day out there. Once again, we had a lot of fun. When we play together we have a lot of laughs in between shots, which is nice. She I wouldn't say is on with her game right now, but No. 1 in the world, she's striking it still very well and scoring well. You know, I'm sure she'll do great on the weekend.

Q. She wasn't handling things any differently, though, didn't feel any added pressure that you could perceive with the streak and everything?
LEXI THOMPSON: Not really. I mean, she has such a steady attitude out there, you never know if she's playing bad or good. That's what's great about watching her with not only her golf swing, her tempo, but just her demeanor out on the golf course. It's amazing.

Q. When she rimmed it out, 360, and she looked at you, not every competitor you can sort of trade looks and laughs with, right?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, that putt was unbelievable. I told her once it happened, I'm like, I was walking it in for you. I thought she made it. I was very shocked that that putt missed. I mean, it was dead center.

Q. Because it looked like she was laughing and you had kind of a strange look on your face.
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I thought it was in. I'm pretty sure she did, too. I mean, it had a little extra speed, but it was a great putt. I've never seen a ball lip out like that.

Q. They had a frame on TV of her laughing and you sort of raising your eyebrows.
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I figured they were doing a slo-mo of our reactions.
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