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April 3, 2015

Stacy Lewis


Q. Two off the lead, you probably didn't feel like you charged, but you moved right into the hunt.
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I wasn't really looking at leaderboards all day, so I don't honestly have any idea where I stood. But I knew it was playing hard, and just had to keep hanging in there, and really just happy with the finish, birdieing two of the last three and giving myself a good chance there on 9, you can't really ask for much more.

Q. Was it like four feet on 8?
STACY LEWIS: 7 was about six feet, and then about five feet on 8, and then probably about eight, nine feet there on 9.

Q. So when you say it was playing hard, explain.
STACY LEWIS: I thought the pins were tough today, especially on the back nine. Some of those par-4s there coming in, 17 is a back left pin, 16 is front right, which I've never really seen it there, and it's pretty steep. A lot of the pins are just in hard-to-get-to places, and then they're on kind of side slopes, so they're hard putts to make. It's playing pretty similar to yesterday, which is what you would want with the two waves.

Q. What's the biggest difference for you from yesterday until today that you felt in your game?
STACY LEWIS: Today I just made putts. I made the par putts when I needed to today. I still made a couple bogeys, but I made a couple really good two-putts and then made some good up-and-downs.

Q. What was the tinkering that you did with Joe yesterday with putting?
STACY LEWIS: We just found over the last few weeks, what I've been working on is getting my left arm and the putter kind of in the same line, and yesterday it was kind of getting a little bit back, we ended up just moving the ball position forward just to get that in the same line so that I wasn't having to do a lot through impact.

Q. What did you hit into 7 and 8?
STACY LEWIS: 7, I hit 8-iron, and 7-iron into the par-3.

Q. When you know scores are going to be this low, do you change your mentality? Do you play it differently or think differently than you would in another event?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I mean, it's definitely -- this golf course seems to play different every year. The last two years you've had to make birdies, and then this year it's playing hard again. I mean, I would rather have it like this where it's grinding out pars, making sure you're hitting it on the right side of the hole, just playing smart golf. I'd rather have it that way, just because I think it forces you to think a little bit more.

Q. (Inaudible.)
STACY LEWIS: He hasn't been around the last two weeks. I don't know, I'm pretty relaxed. I would say I'm a little bit frustrated with the way I played the last two days because I feel like I played better than the score, but I feel like I'm close to putting some good numbers together. I think I'm more comfortable just because I've been in majors more often and kind of know -- I know what it takes. You don't have to go out there and shoot 65 the first day. You've just got to keep hanging around, and that's the biggest key to winning majors.

Q. I'm just curious your thoughts on Morgan, who was leading, and I think she still is. You're older than she is, but it almost seems like she's older because she popped on the scene so early at 16 years old. What do you remember about her emergence and what have you come to respect about her game?
STACY LEWIS: You know, she was just kind of the next teen sensation. Actually I played with Morgan when she won here in the final round together. We played in the final round together, and I finished fifth as an amateur. You know, I remember that year because it played so hard, and she just hung around and she hung around, and that's who Morgan is. She's a grinder. She's not going to go out there and wow you with anything, but she's going to just keep hanging around. I think getting married and all that was kind of a little bit of a life change for her, and she's kind of settled into that, and that's what you're seeing in some better golf here. Really all year I think she's played a little bit better.

Q. She mentioned yesterday how she's finding places on this golf course that you hadn't been to before in terms of length. Have you noticed a change in her game?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I'd say over the last two years she's made a conscious effort with Ron to hit it a little further. I remember I played with her maybe earlier this year or end of last year, and I hadn't played with her in a while, and I was like, wow, she's hitting it further. I was a little bit surprised. And I think she had to, truthfully. The golf courses we play aren't getting any shorter.

Q. Did you feel older, a lot older than her when you played that year? How did you feel with her?
STACY LEWIS: No, I honestly probably felt about the same age because she -- she was in her first couple years out, too. I think she was pretty much a rookie and I felt like a rookie. But she definitely had the more experience, and she was kind of telling me stories about this place. She kind of embraces the history of it, too. I remember her telling me stories walking on the back nine and stuff like that.

Q. Is there one that you remember?
STACY LEWIS: Probably not that we can say in the media.
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