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April 2, 2015

Alex Cejka


Q.テつ Alex Cejka, 7-under par, 65 the first round.テつ Really good play.テつ Talk about your round.
ALEX CEJKA:テつ It's a really good round.テつ It was breezy this afternoon, so it was not -- not that easy, you know.テつ But, you know, I hit good shots and hit a lot of fairways and good drives to give me a chance.テつ Obviously I made a couple really nice long putts.テつ If you make a couple 30-footers and 40-footers, that helps.テつ So, that's -- it was a satisfying day and we'll see what happens the next day.

Q.テつ Your all-around game pretty much got you through the day.
ALEX CEJKA:テつ Yes.テつ I didn't have to use my short game that often.テつ I hit a lot of greens.テつ I made a lot of putts, and I think I made only like -- I think I missed like two greens only, so that was a good, good, long gain today, what set-up all the birdies chances and obviously the putting was the key.

Q.テつ Lot of players are talking about the soft greens.テつ How is the rough out there?
ALEX CEJKA:テつ The rough, it's very little.テつ Like every year they trying to get the place ready for next week at Augusta, so you're trying to have the same set-up, less rough and fast greens.
So, it's okay.テつ The area around the green, there's very little rough and easy to chip from.

Q. Thanks for your time.

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