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April 2, 2015

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE:テつ I worked pretty hard the last couple of weeks.テつ Changed a couple things or got myself out of some bad habits.テつ I looked at swings I had on the Florida swing.テつ Didn't like the way things looked.テつ Tried to get myself back to 2012, 2013, and yes, playing -- I playing really well last week.テつ It's home and the range.テつ It showed up for me today for the most part.テつ I hit 17 greens in regulation.テつ That's something for me to take a little bit of confidence from.

Q.テつ Talk about the back-9 this morning.テつ Obviously got off the a great start with a birdie on the first.テつ Highlight on the back-9.テつ How difficult was the birdie putt on 7?
JUSTIN ROSE:テつ The only putt I made all day.テつ One of the tougher putts I had.テつ Like the little ridge, left to right and came back right to left to the hole.テつ That was a nice bonus, especially after making bogey the previous hole.

Q.テつ We hear a lot about how this golf course somewhat mirrors Augusta National.テつ How do you find what you're going to see here versus what you're going to see at Augusta.
JUSTIN ROSE:テつ They do a great job of the conditioning of it.テつ They mow the fairways towards us likes they do at Augusta.テつ Chipping around the greens feels very similar.テつ The greens are a lot flatter here.テつ You have slope in sections, but you have to put the pin is relatively flat.テつ That's the only subtle change.テつ No rough here.テつ That's why you'll see good scoring.テつ The greens are a little softer and slower than maybe they would like.テつ By the time we get to the weekend, I'm sure they're going to show their teeth.

Q.テつ Only four events this year.テつ Any reason you didn't play a lot on the West Coast?
JUSTIN ROSE:テつ I started some golf in the Middle East.テつ I played out there, and I felt like that took up most of January and into February, and I might look to change that next year and play some on the West Coast.テつ I do enjoy my golf on the West Coast.

Q.テつ Great round today.テつ Keep it going for the rest of the week.テつ Hopefully we'll talk to you later in the week.
JUSTIN ROSE:テつ Thank you.

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