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April 2, 2015

J.B. Holmes


Q.テつ J.B. Holmes, 7-under, 65.テつ Pretty good first round.テつ Talk about your first hole today.
J.B. HOLMES:テつ Started off great.テつ Actually pulled my tee shot a little bit, but I had a good angle at the pin and hit a shot like I wanted to and luckily it went in.テつ Nice to start off the day with an eagle and just kind of got me rolling.

Q.テつ 6-under on your front-9.テつ The back-9 here, did it play that much easier?
J.B. HOLMES:テつ Well, you hole out a wedge, it also helps.テつ No, it didn't play that much easier.テつ Definitely played easier than the front but not quite that much.

Q.テつ Did the wind affect you, your group, on your second 9?
J.B. HOLMES:テつ It was blowing all day.テつ So, I mean, you had to deal with it all day.テつ There's a few more holes, I guess more different angles with the wind on the front side.テつ So maybe can't get as many opportunities.

Q.テつ Soft conditions contribute to the low scores?
J.B. HOLMES:テつ For sure.テつ The greens are perfect.テつ They're rolling great and then they're holding.テつ That's why everybody is able to be able to be a little more aggressive and have some more chances.

Q.テつ J.B., you have a history of playing well here.テつ You had a good stretch before the API, good tournaments there.テつ What was going well for you out there today?
J.B. HOLMES:テつ You know, just a solid day.テつ I was hitting fairways and getting my irons in there close and making putts.テつ Just a -- holed out a wedge on the first hole.テつ That got me started.テつ Put myself in position where I could make some putts.テつ Hit a couple wedges close, couple tap-in birdies, which is always nice.テつ Really didn't give any shots back.テつ One bogey.

Q.テつ What do you like about this golf course and how it suits your game?
J.B. HOLMES:テつ You know, it's a good preview for the Masters.テつ They don't have as much rough around here.テつ Few holes you can get loose with the driver and it benefits you to hit it farther at this golf course because the wind can get up and it can get difficult.テつ I think just a fun golf course.テつ Always in great condition.テつ Always -- it's nice when you can hit a putt and know what it's going to do, and if you miss the putt, it's because you misread it or something, not because of the greens.テつ It's always nice to come here.

Q.テつ Describe that first hole for us, the hole-out.
J.B. HOLMES:テつ Yeah.テつ I pulled the tee shot a little bit, not exactly where I wanted to be, but it was a good angle and I had like 85 to the hole.テつ Perfect shot.テつ Bounced up there and went in.

Q.テつ Were you pleased with today?
J.B. HOLMES:テつ Had a lot of fun and made a lot of good putts and swings.

Q.テつ You had some success here.テつ Talk a little bit about this course and how the play it.テつ What's the best way?
J.B. HOLMES:テつ You know you got to put yourself in a position in the fairway to attack some of these holes.テつ You got to make some putts.テつ It's windy and there's a few holes where you make some big numbers and stay away from that, give yourself a chance out here because it with get windy and difficult.テつ You got to hang in there and try not to give to many shots back.

Q.テつ Talk a little bit about the year you're having, after all you've been through the last few years, to be playing at the level you're playing at?
J.B. HOLMES:テつ I've had some unfortunate things happen.テつ I learned from them and grew in that situation as a person.テつ It helped me to get where I am now.テつ Being healthy -- this game is hard enough not being healthy.テつ Being healthy has helped and I've been able to work on my game and worked really hard to get back here.テつ It's been nice to be able to reap some of the rewards.

Q.テつ Talk about the key to momentum, keeping it throughout the weekend.
J.B. HOLMES:テつ You got to go out there tomorrow and do the same thing I did today.テつ I had a few things go my way today.テつ There's always points and turns the ball won't bounce your way.テつ I got to go out there and do my routines and do the stuff I can control and see what happens.

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