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April 2, 2015

Luke Guthrie


Q.テつ Luke, what a nice round of golf.テつ Tell me about it.
LUKE GUTHRIE:テつ Been feeling better and better about my game.テつ And golf is a little easier today, just -- I think might have hit every green.テつ Kind of plodded my way around.テつ I was trying to put more focus on hitting the green and make making life easier.テつ Starting to pay off.

Q.テつ What have you changed in your game to facilitate the improvement?
LUKE GUTHRIE:テつ Just been trying to clean up my golf swing.テつ Got into some bad habits last year.テつ Been a process to get them out.テつ Starting to kind of feel like if I hit a bad shot out there, I know the fix right away, I don't panic at all.テつ In the past I kind of was struggling, didn't know exactly what was going on and things.テつ I'm way calmer out there and kind of go about my business.

Q.テつ That's just experience.テつ Several years on the Tour?
LUKE GUTHRIE:テつ Exactly.テつ I've been kind of a little jumpy again.テつ I said that to myself, "This is my third year, what am I doing?"テつ So kind of really trying to put focus on it, just kind of calmer and just playing golf, having fun.

Q.テつ Tell me about the golf course.テつ The greens look to be receptive, yes?
LUKE GUTHRIE:テつ Very much so.テつ You can see that.テつ The greens are pure.テつ You hit a good putt, get it on line, it's going in.テつ The scores are going to be low.テつ I think the wind is just enough to kind of make you think a little bit.テつ But you can throw it right in there.

Q.テつ What are you doing in your swing, the best way to describe it?
LUKE GUTHRIE:テつ Really trying to, I guess, shallow it out a little bit and get a little more on top of it.テつ As I'm trying to shallow it out, getting closed up behind me.テつ I'm really trying to figure out how to get the club back in front of me a little better.テつ That's really what I kind of figured out how to separate -- all I'm focusing on out there is separating my left hip and shoulder from the start, on my down-swing, trying to create that.テつ I always have a tendency to drive right.テつ It's something that I've been able to relate to and play golf with it.テつ Lot of times lately I've just been -- feels like I'm practicing golf while I'm playing a competitive round, leading to disattention and getting jumpy.テつ Feel good to play and let it go today.

Q.テつ Does it feel like it's going back to old stuff that you've gotten out of or totally new stuff?
LUKE GUTHRIE:テつ Little bit of both, I guess.テつ I had gotten into some bad habits at the top of my swing, get the club laid off.テつ Got that corrected.テつ I've always been a fader.テつ Now I'm hitting draws.テつ I miss right, I want that to be my miss.テつ I didn't want to cross my target line, soft and hangs.テつ Before, especially on this course, on 18 lining up right down the left, that wasn't very fun that.テつ Was more fun today to be able to line up down the right.

Q.テつ Said it was kind an easy day for you.テつ Would you agree?
LUKE GUTHRIE:テつ Definitely.テつ I don't know if I ever hit every green.テつ The only chip I feel like I hit was 13 and that was just in front of the green in 2.テつ That was fun to just -- I've been trying to do that lately, hit more greens and stuff, trying to throw it to 3 feet every time, just like make my life more easy and I don't have to get up and down so much.テつ Not to have so many 6-footers in a round.テつ Makes it a little more stress-free.

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