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April 2, 2015

Matt Kuchar


Q.テつ Matt, 5-under 67 in the first round.テつ Tell us about it.
MATT KUCHAR:テつ Good solid play.テつ Actually started off with a couple shaky drivers.テつ Put it in the water on 3.テつ I hit a ball left on the first hole as well.テつ After that started playing of some good golf.テつ Bounced back with a nice birdie on 4.テつ Then kind of got a little streak going with birdies on 4, 5, and 6.テつ Kept going.テつ Felt good.テつ Everything about my game was feeling pretty good then.

Q.テつ Quite a contrast from last week, isn't it?
MATT KUCHAR:テつ It is.テつ It's nice the make some more birdies.テつ Last week similar amounts of wind made that course play really hard.テつ You can still play around this place.テつ The greens are receptive.テつ Lot more room than what last week provided.

Q.テつ What was working for you the best out there today?
MATT KUCHAR:テつ Hard to say.テつ Just steady round of golf.テつ Out here, even if you miss a few drives, for the most part you can be pretty playable.テつ You got to avoid a handful of hazards or tough driving holes.テつ 18 is one of those.テつ But, if you miss it in this kind of rough, you can generally play out of it.テつ I was able to just get on a couple nice streaks there on 4, 5, and 6, and from there on, I think we had a couple of easy holes, 12 and 13 on the backside.テつ Drivable par 4 and par 5.テつ Made sure I took advantage of those holes.

Q.テつ Thanks for your time.テつ I appreciate it.テつ Have a good day tomorrow.

Q.テつ Talk about your day.テつ Can't win it on day one.テつ You can certainly put yourself in a position.
MATT KUCHAR:テつ I had a fun group.テつ Played with Rickie and Sergio, bunch of fans and bunch of good energy and some good golf played as well.テつ Just a fun way to get this tournament started.

Q.テつ You played well here, of course a runner up a year ago.テつ What does playing here mean for you and your game?テつ Obviously you keep coming back.テつ Must be something you like about it out here.
MATT KUCHAR:テつ I have performed well.テつ Last year was a close call.テつ Fun to get in the mix and have the title.テつ Hoping to come back and get in good form again.テつ The course is a good test of golf, one that good shots are rewarded.テつ Bad shots you can still escape and hopefully make some pars.テつ It's really a good test of golf.

Q.テつ What part of your game are you most pleased with right now?テつ Is there an area you got to get after it between now and next week?テつ Any part you want to --
MATT KUCHAR:テつ I'm pretty pleased.テつ Certainly always trying to tighten things up.テつ Right now I'm pleased with the state of my game and looking forward to play the next couple of days.

Q.テつ One question about the fan support here.テつ You guys get it every week.テつ Specifically here the walk from 18 alley, they line up, everybody wants to high five you.テつ What does in a mean to you as a golfer?
MATT KUCHAR:テつ It's great to have the fan base.テつ Fun to be in a featured pairing and have all the fans out there.テつ It's a great show, the Shell Houston Open.テつ It gets great support.テつ They do a great job with the charity.テつ It's a lot more fun playing in front of them.テつ Certainly get a good turnout.

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