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April 2, 2015

Paul Casey


Q.テつ Maybe 18 wasn't your favorite hole today, but you feel pretty good about your score?
PAUL CASEY:テつ Yeah.テつ It was a poor tee shot.テつ I just failed to turn on the tee shot, got loaded up and pulled it into the water and poor drop on the bank.テつ Everything.テつ I was doing everything wrong on 18, but I got -- a great up and down from about 147 yards to save a bogey.テつ I don't feel disappointed.テつ I feel like I've kept the momentum and, you know, maybe I turned a 6-under into a 4-under, but a 4-under could have been 2-under.テつ So, I still feel like I'm in this tournament and near the top of the leaderboard and feel great about that.

Q.テつ Does it help that you played here before?
PAUL CASEY:テつ Yes.テつ If you look at the other years, I didn't fare too well.テつ Got missed cuts around here.テつ Love the golf course.テつ But I feel very, very fresh.テつ The body feels good, and it's probably the best I've ever seen the Golf Club of Houston.テつ It's absolutely impeccable.

Q.テつ This is a great tune-up for the Masters.テつ What specifically makes it a great tune-up for the Masters?
PAUL CASEY:テつ The main thing, the guys focus on the greens.テつ Little bit soft right now but get firm as the week goes on.テつ The green speeds are very, very high.テつ I ran my first putt by on Tuesday when I got on the practice green a little ways by, and, you know, you can talk about the lack of rough and tee shots you got to hit build, but really it's the greens.テつ Guys just -- you know, this tournament isn't about tricking you up in any way with set-up.テつ It's very much there in front of you.テつ You can do whatever you want this week to tune up for next week if that's your focus, or you can pretty much focus on trying to win this great event.テつ We've got some great players here, and I don't want -- for me, I don't want to get caught up thinking about next week too much.テつ This is a great tournament to me.テつ Let's try and focus on this week if we can.

Q.テつ Are you expecting the scores to be pretty low this week?
PAUL CASEY:テつ If it stays like this, yes.テつ Purely the softness of the greens.テつ They're slightly sticky right now and guys can fire.テつ The fairways are sticky as well.テつ When you've got putting surfaces this good -- Doral is an example of that, how difficult it is.テつ There's a reason JB went so low and Trump was upset.テつ When you got greens that good, somebody is going to find it.

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