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April 2, 2015

Lexi Thompson


Q. Do you ever laugh more inside the ropes than when you're grouped with Lydia? You guys seem to have a lot of giggling going on?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, we did. We usually have a lot of fun out there. She has a great personality, and we definitely stay loose out there when we're paired up together. So today was really nice.

Q. Can you talk about how difficult the wind was there on those first six, seven holes?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I don't know where it went, but it was gale force winds for those first seven or eight holes. It was tough because it was a lot of crosswinds on a few of the holes. The trouble was on the left and the wind was going straight left, so it was definitely you just had to commit to the lines and trust your tee shots.

Q. Did you get a good look at the shot that was played from under the trees?

Q. Yeah.
LEXI THOMPSON: It was an incredible shot. I didn't know she had that kind of shot because she was on the up swing, and I didn't know she could keep it under the trees. That was a great shot. I told her that was impressive.

Q. Did you feel any extra nerves, extra pressure on the first tee given that you're defending in a major for the first time?
LEXI THOMPSON: You know what? Not really. I mean, I started off the 10th tee, so there weren't too many people out there and it was pretty early. But I think winning last year gave me more confidence going into this week, and, like I said, playing with Lydia keeps me loose. We had a few laughs on the first tee which was nice.

Q. This is kind of random. But did you ever think about her streak at all during the round because she was under par there?
LEXI THOMPSON: I actually didn't. I didn't think about it at all. I knew she would salvage the round. She might have been a little bit off today, but she has an amazing short game and hit some incredible shots. It doesn't surprise me she shot under par again.

Q. How big were those holes?
LEXI THOMPSON: They were pretty good. The birdie on No. 8, I hit a good shot on that par-3 along with Lydia. So two good birdies on that hole. (Inaudible) but shot 1 over on the last one, but it's all good.

Q. Do you take any momentum into this, especially considering the wind was blowing?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, the first nine holes it was tough. It was a lot of wind out there and cross winds, so it definitely played pretty tough out there. But it calmed down on the back nine, hit a few good iron shots, but going to go to the range and work on a couple of things.

Q. Defending champion, does that play any part anymore?
LEXI THOMPSON: Well, it's good to be announced on the first tee as defending champion, but no extra nerves. Always nervous on the first tee a little bit, but it just shows how much I care out there. But a lot of confidence going into this week.

Q. Tell me about that shot on 8 where you and Lydia just nailed it?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, well I saw her strike it and knocked it to two feet, and then thought, all right. I thought mine was pretty good. Got up there and had a six or seven footer. It would have been nice to have the tap had of in, but we hit solid shots and ended up walking off with birdies.

Q. How difficult were the winds going early in the round and had you battled through to keep it going and have a good round overall?
LEXI THOMPSON: They were very tough. On that first nine holes, it wasn't really supposed to pick up until the afternoon so it caught me off guard. But it's all about getting the right distance and controlling your shots with the wind and just commit to your lines, so that's what I was trying to do.
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