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April 1, 2015

Simona Halep


S. HALEP/S. Stephens
6‑1, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Your impressions of the game?  I'm sure you're pretty happy and excited about how it went.
SIMONA HALEP:  Yeah, I'm really happy I played like this.  It was an amazing match for me.  I played my best till 3‑0 in the second set, and then I lost the rhythm a little bit.  She changed the tactic and was more difficult for me to hit the ball.
But I'm really happy that I could finish in two sets and to stay focused until the end.

Q.  Before the tournament people were asking you, Can you get to No. 1 in the world; you were saying as long as Serena is there it's hard to think about.  But you have beaten her.
SIMONA HALEP:  I won against her just one match.  You know, I expect really tough match because she's the best player in the world.  She has a lot of experience.
Tomorrow I have just to play aggressive like I did today at the beginning the match.  I think this is the most important thing to have to the chance against Serena.
So I just want recover my body until tomorrow and to be ready it hit the balls.

Q.  Two long stretches with Indian Wells and through this tournament.  How important was that physically?
SIMONA HALEP:  I'm tired a little bit.  I feel tired because I had many matches, and is not easy to still playing like every day matches.
But, you know, my confidence is very high, and this keeps me like focused again and still focused to play every match.
So I believe that I have my chance tomorrow, but still I know that it will be very tough.

Q.  I want to ask about the Romanian crowd.
SIMONA HALEP:  Yeah, they are coming everywhere I play, so that's amazing.  There are many, many people in the crowd, so it's just amazing.  It's really nice to hear your name during the points, between the points.  It's nice to have people supporting you everywhere.

Q.  Have you ever had that many Romanian fans outside of Europe as tonight?
SIMONA HALEP:  Yes, I have.  I have everywhere I go.  I have many.  Yeah, many Romanians, they are supporting me a lot and they like me.
So I want just to thank them.  I'm waiting for them tomorrow again.

Q.  In Romania people stay up late to watch?
SIMONA HALEP:  I think yes, many people, they wake up to see my matches, because now it's night in my country.  So my family for sure, my close friends, and some important people for me.
It's nice to know that.  You know, gives me more power to fight and to play again.

Q.  The fact that you've beaten Serena, how much confidence does that give you?
SIMONA HALEP:  Tomorrow it's a big challenge for me again.  Every match against her it's really important for me.  I learn many things from it.
I have just to play my chance.  I don't think‑‑ I don't want to think about if I can win or not.  Just to play my game and just to see how good I can be tomorrow against her.

Q.  You said you feel a little tired.  Are you planning to play a little more short rallies?
SIMONA HALEP:  Not really.  I will play my style.  I will play like today.  You know, I will recover my body till tomorrow.  I hope to be fit to play the match.
I am tired, but I feel okay.  I think I am going to play good tennis tomorrow.

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