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April 1, 2015

Dominic Thiem


A. MURRAY/D. Thiem
3‑6, 6‑4, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  First of all, congratulations on the stages that you reached.  Will you leave Miami happy with what you accomplished?
DOMINIC THIEM:  Before this week I would have given a lot for the quarterfinals, but now of course in the first moment I'm a little bit disappointed, especially I won the first set.  I played a good match.
But, yeah, I will leave Miami positive for sure and with a good feeling for the clay court season.

Q.  Maybe a turning point of the match was at the end of the second set or beginning of the third set.  So looking back on those moments and points, which one do you think is the turning point of today's match?
DOMINIC THIEM:  I think these were two important turning points.  If I make the game to 5‑All in the second set, would be great.
Also, if I can hold my serve in the beginning the third set, maybe it would also go another way.  Especially in the third set Andy was the much better player.
I think my only chance in the match to win it would be if I make it to 5‑All, make it to a tiebreak, and then, yeah, win this one.

Q.  You had tough matches and played two great sets of tennis.  Did you think you got tired a little bit in the third set, or not an issue at all?
DOMINIC THIEM:  For sure also yes.  For Andy this is business as usual if he's in the quarters.  For me it was the first time.  Of course it's a completely different thing for me, so I was for sure a little bit tired.
I played good. I want also to be maybe often in the quarters or last stages of a tournament, so, yeah, I have to get used to it.

Q.  Is it going to give you more confidence for the weeks and months to come?
DOMINIC THIEM:  For sure I had quite terrible start to the season, so I'm very happy with the outcome of this tournament.
Yeah, now comes probably my favorite surface.  Now I have a good feeling after this tournament.  It gave me a confidence boost.

Q.  What is going to be your goal for this season?
DOMINIC THIEM:  I think this season I don't have specific ranking goal.  I just want to develop my game.  It just takes time to develop.
I'm also happy if I stay in the rankings like I am now.  Just don't want to drop too much.  But if I don't come I don't know, let's say top 30 or 20, it's not disaster.  I would be okay for me if I stay top 40 or 50.
Main thing I think this year is to develop my game to be really good player when I'm 23, 24.

Q.  And do you think these kind of losses help you to get your goal, to develop your game?
DOMINIC THIEM:  Of course every match against these top guys is worth a lot for learning, for experience.  I think it helps for sure.  Maybe not now at the moment, but next days, next weeks when I start to practice again, it will help a lot.

Q.  Quick follow‑up.  Do you think Murray won because of the experience?
DOMINIC THIEM:  He just won because he was‑‑ he's the better player.  It's very simple.  I played of course a very good first set, but if I could keep this level of the first set I think I wouldn't be 50, I would be much higher.
So I played a little bit on my limit.  Of course I tried to work that this going to be my standard level.

Q.  You came out and played really without fear.  How aware were you that you were playing an opponent that yesterday reached a milestone of 500 career wins?  And is Murray a player that you look up to?
DOMINIC THIEM:  Of course.  He's one of the big four, one of the best players probably in the last ten years, so always a pleasure to play against him.
If you play with fear, I think you can stay in the locker room.

Q.  In this tournament where recently we see a lot of younger players coming up, like Grigor, Kokkinakis, and you ‑ and Nishikori just got in Top 4 ‑ so do you think this is a time for you guys, the younger generation, to take over these top players?
DOMINIC THIEM:  Yeah, it's nice that there are young guys coming, but really take over, I think doesn't happen yet.  Because if you watch the last finals, the last titles, everything is going with Murray Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal.
But I think these new young guys will hopefully rule the tennis when the other guys are gone or even earlier.

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