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March 31, 2015

Venus Williams


0‑6, 6‑1, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Just wanted to get your thoughts a little bit on the match.テつ To start out as quickly as you did and then have it get away from you, what do you think happened out there?
VENUS WILLIAMS:テつ Yeah, you know, just a little too many errors and I was going for it the whole match.テつ Towards the end just never found the happy medium between being aggressive and putting the ball in the court.

Q.テつ How were you feeling physically, especially in that third, the back and forth, the back and forth?テつ Was it a fatigue issue or how were you feeling?
VENUS WILLIAMS:テつ Yeah, you have to be able to expect to play long points. テつThat's what I train for.

Q.テつ Let me ask you about Carla.テつ How do you see her?テつ Do you think that she has reached her maturity as a player?
VENUS WILLIAMS:テつ I mean, she's playing well every year.テつ Better every year.テつ I'm sure she can play even better.

Q.テつ To get back to the quarters here ‑ obviously another run is over ‑ but what did it mean to you to be able to do that in this tournament?
VENUS WILLIAMS:テつ Yeah, of course I want to play well every match as much as I can, and, you know, I feel like I have the ability to win this match.
Unfortunately it was a loss, but I learned a lot from them, and they always make me better.

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