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March 30, 2015

Kei Nishikori


6‑2, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Second match at 11:00 in the morning, a second very good match.テつ Do you like playing early?
KEI NISHIKORI:テつ Yeah.テつ Yeah, I always play first match and felt great on the court, so very happy to win today.

Q.テつ What do you feel you could still improve?
KEI NISHIKORI:テつ I don't know.テつ Not too much.テつ I played, you know, good tennis today.テつ Almost perfect, you know, tennis I did on the court this morning.
So really, you know, exciting that I'm playing good here.テつ Maybe he was, you know, hurting a little bit, but still I was giving him a lot of pressure with my return.テつ He has great serve.
So I think it was a great game today.

Q.テつ Obviously last year you had the great run to the semifinals.テつ You had to pull out.テつ Can you describe what that was like for you emotionally to have to stop playing because of an injury?テつ What kind of impact does it have on your motivation this year to go forward?
KEI NISHIKORI:テつ Yeah, last year was really unfortunate that I got injured after great match against Roger.
You know, you can't really expect when the injury's coming.テつ When you're playing long match and good tennis, you know, you have chance to, you know, get some injuries.
It was really sad last year, but I had, you know, a great year last year.テつ That was one of the key that I got a lot of confidence against Roger's match.
Yeah, now I'm ranked No. 5 and really feeling great on the court, you know, these two matches.テつ Hopefully I can do again this year.

Q.テつ So last night Nadal talked about being nervous lately sometimes during certain points of the match, and you're known for being a fighter, for being great at coming back, even if you lose a first set.テつ How do you deal with those situations?テつ You're so good at it.テつ Do you ever get nervous or does that kind of motivate you when you're at first losing?
KEI NISHIKORI:テつ Yeah, it's always tough to fight with those nervous situation.テつ I get nervous every match, before the match especially.テつ But I think it's good sign that you get nervous, you know.テつ That means you want to win the match and you feel motivation.
But especially when you have confidence and when you are playing good, you don't feel the tightness much.テつ You know, you play just yourself on the court, you know.テつ That's the tennis, so you get sometimes get nervous.
But when you get mentally strong you will be fine, I think.

Q.テつ The other thing I wanted to ask you was about Ichiro, if I'm saying it right.

Q.テつ He's 41; you're only 25.テつ He plays now for the Miami Marlins here, baseball.テつ Have you followed him at all?テつ Have you followed him growing up?テつ I have heard in Japan you're as big as he is now.テつ What's that like for you?テつ Talk about him and who you like as a fan.
KEI NISHIKORI:テつ I think he's still the biggest player, I mean, biggest sports player in Japan.テつ You know, like you said, he's 41 already, but still playing really good baseball.テつ He's really fit, you know.テつ His body is really strong.テつ He's not like, you know, how do you say, like he doesn't look really strong, but inside I think he's really fit.
Yeah, there is so many things to learn from him.テつ I never met him before, so hopefully I can talk to him sometimes.

Q.テつ This tournament, what improvements would you like to see at this tournament compared to other Masters events, if any?
KEI NISHIKORI:テつ I'm not sure.テつ I don't know.テつ Maybe some more courts would be better, but this is, you know, one of the best Masters they have on the tour.テつ Maybe Indian Wells, they have so much money so they can create more stuff.
But this is also growing, I think, much better every year.テつ I think Indian Wells and Miami is really getting better, so I'm really happy, you know, being like this right now.

Q.テつ I was told you were on the cover of Time Magazine in Asia.テつ What was that like for you?テつ Was it exciting?テつ Fun to see yourself?
KEI NISHIKORI:テつ Yeah, I was really happy to have cover Time Magazine.テつ It was first time for me, and, you know, I know it's not easy to get there.テつ So really happy to be on the cover.

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