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March 29, 2015

Quinn Cook

Matt Jones

Tyus Jones

Mike Krzyzewski


Duke - 66
Gonzaga - 52

THE MODERATOR: Duke University Head Coach, Mike Krzyzewski, student-athletes, Quinn Cook, Tyus Jones, and Matt Jones. We'll ask Coach to make an opening statement, and I'll take questions for the student-athletes only. Coach.

COACH KRZYZEWSKI: Yeah. We played a great team today, and Mark's kids were a Final Four team, and I think ours is, too, what we are because we won, but what a great matchup. Congratulations to them, especially their seniors who have won over 120 games and represented their university so well. I'm proud of my guys because we beat a hell of a team and our defense the last 16 minutes was spectacular, not good, and I love these guys and they came through. I mean, they came through. So, we're off to Indy. It's a nice thing to be able to say.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Quinn, as a senior can you just tell me how does it feel to, you know, have another game, to be still playing right now at this time of year?
QUINN COOK: A blessing, a blessing. I'm so fortunate and thankful to be with this group of guys and this coaching staff. You know, we've been through so much this year, ups and downs, and, you know, guys -- we always had each other's back. And, you know, we been through some tough times and made us stronger, and it's one of our goals to get to Indiana. I'm just blessed to be a part of Duke.

Q. To the trio, it seems as though the game plan for Gonzaga was to pack down the middle and make the perimeter shots beat you. Of course, you guys were able to consistently knock down that shot or those shots, thus ruining their strategy. Can you talk to the ability to make shots and force them to come out and guard you?
TYUS JONES: Yeah, Gonzaga is a great team and they're tough, tough minded, tough -- tough to play against. So, we hit a couple shots that were fortunate to close out a little bit harder to us. That opened up driving lanes and just was -- you know, we were able to just play after we were able to hit a couple outside shots.

QUINN COOK: Yeah. Just, you know, play our game. I think with Justise at the 4 creates a lot of matchup problems, so, you know, guys tend to back up a little off him because he's so fast and he's been feeling it all March and, you know, we play very unselfishly together. We want to get some stops. They have some great guys over there. We just put some stops together and we didn't let up on defense at all.

MATT JONES: Just like Tyus said, Gonzaga is a great team, and we knew that we would have to make shots, and last game we didn't make as many shots as we wanted to. Being the team we are, we're a very confident bunch. We knew we had to make shots to win the game, and by the grace of God we did that today.

Q. Tyus, they had just taken a 4-point lead, I think it was the largest one that you guys had. Talk about sequence, I want you to talk about -- you had the assist on the three-pointer, but then the ball where you were throwing to Karnowski out of bounds.
TYUS JONES: It was just a point in the game where we didn't come out of halftime the way we would have liked to, but you can't hang your head or worry about it. You got to move on to the next play. So that's what we did, you know, and it was just a point in the game where we had to make plays. And Coach tells us to be confident and not to hang your head. So, we were able to knock down the outside shot. It was just off a miss, just trying to be heady and get a steal in transition. I was able to get a deflection and knew that if I was able to throw it off Karnowski, it would give us another possession. That's what I tried to do.

Q. Matt, you seem to be the designated three-point shooter today. You were knocking them down pretty consistently. Kind of talk about that, the defense that you had to face and the looks that you were able to get.
MATT JONES: Playing with such great players in the starting five, Marshall and Grayson and Amile as well, you tend to find open spots. Teams usually lose me rather in transition or the flow of offense. Luckily I was able to hit a couple shots and help my team to the victory.

Q. Quinn, can you talk about how this team has been able to mesh freshmen coming in and taking on such a large role and the role that Coach Krzyzewski has played in that? Some programs have a tougher time bringing in highly acclaimed freshmen and being able to retain chemistry when you have them taking on a role that's so large.
QUINN COOK: It was easy to mesh. They came in so close, all four of those guys were so close and coming in they were very humble. You know, we all have relationships with them before they got to campus in July. So, we were pretty cool and it was easy. I mean, Coach was gone a lot of summer, so myself and Amile as leaders, we wanted to make sure there wasn't no let-off when Coach got back. Those freshmen stepped up, staying after practice, getting in shots, to acclimate to new college life. They've just grown up so much, and those four freshmen, they don't play like freshmen at all.

Q. Quinn, I know a minute ago you said it's just a game. There you are, everybody else got a strand of the net, you got the whole net around your neck. What does it mean to get to the Final Four?
QUINN COOK: I wasn't really thinking about the past. It's a new year, new team, and I just want to lead these guys with all my heart. We're so close, you know, off the court. I think these guys trust each other, trust me, trust Amile as captain. And, you know, it doesn't matter what class you are. If a senior is not doing what he's supposed to do, Tyus is supposed to correct it. Sophomore, Matt is supposed to correct it. We all trust each other. I wasn't thinking about last year or any previous years. I was thinking about this year and new team.

THE MODERATOR: Anything else for the student-athletes? Okay, gentlemen. We'll let you go. Thank you very much. Congratulations.

Q. Coach K, so much is made of the offense, but it seemed like when the tide turned in the second half, the defensive intensity really ratcheted up. Guys switching, and guys sticking with their men, really forcing Gonzaga into bad shots. Can you talk about what you said to get them to dial up the defensive intensity?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: Good point. I think for these four games we've played outstanding defense and played really good defense in the first half, we had three missed assignments, but look, they average about 80 points a game. They're the top offensive team in the country, and so we felt good about holding them to 26, and then the start of the first four minutes of the second half we weren't there for some reason. And after the two timeouts, one we called and one media, our guys responded and they played great defensively. I think they scored 14 points in the last almost 16 minutes, and that's just collective effort. I thought not giving them transition points. So Quinn being able to find -- I got to think Pangos is on of the best guards in the country. He really pushes it down on you. You can get a transition 3s. They only had two 3s and we never turned the ball over. We only had three turnovers. We gave up a live ball turnover the second play of the second half where they tied the score. Other than that, we were so solid defensively. Matt gave us such a huge lift. He's been that dirty-work guy, and for him to hit those four 3s, it's like a big difference. The two Texas kids did pretty good today. They got half of our points, more than half, little bit less than half. My math is bad. 32 of our 66 points. They played pretty well.

Q. Much is made about Jahlil Okafor's offensive prowess. Talk about what he did defensively, especially with Karnowski not being effective.
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: Good point. His defense in the second half and his defensive rebounding in the second half. So, he was big. They missed a couple shots right around the bucket, but I think a big part of that was Jah being big, wasn't just like they had a clear path. I think that one that Karnowski missed, I think it was 53-51 or 55-51 and we were able -- Jah got it. Like bodied up and got it and we scored. That was a big, big play. So Jah contributed a lot in those 16 minutes defensively.

Q. Coach, you tied Wooden with your 12th Final Four. What does that mean to you?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: I think a little bit like what Quinn is saying. I'm in this moment, you know, I've been so lucky to be at Duke for 35 years and in the ACC, and the great players we've had and, you know, my past is not important right now. You know, my present is incredibly important and just being with these kids and sharing this moment and this Final Four, I'm so happy. I'm so happy for them and to be with them. They are -- look, I'm not saying because we've won. I've said it the whole year. I love my team. I love my team. They are a pleasure to be with, and as a result they're taking me to Indy, which is kind of neat.

Q. I know you said you want to stay in the moment. Twelve Final Fours. Is this one a little bit different in that you've had such young guys really lead and change and get better and we've he seen it in the tournament? Are you still learning, is it possible for you to still learn as a head coach at this stage?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: Yes. USA Basketball has helped me immensely. A teacher should learn with every new year that he or she has an opportunity to teach, because the students can bring out new things for you. If you're creative and see their talents and say oh, you know, boy, look how they're meshing. To have Jah, Tyus curious as a point guard, to see how Quinn has led. That's what keeps it refreshing, you know, and I've learned a lot. My staff, you know, Jeff Capel has been the Associate Head Coach and with me when we won the World Championship in Spain in September in helping out. He's been masterful, masterful, allowing his personality to be in it. And John Scheyer, his first year. Nate has done a great job. We have a different dynamic as a staff. I think when you stop learning, you should retire, you know, in whatever you do. Learning is what keeps you fresh and so try to learn a little bit more going to Saturday.

Q. Yesterday, Coach, I asked Justise how many people he actually knew here at NRG Stadium. You actually laughed and said you were interested. How impressed are you with the composure he had and the fact that he didn't let any of the media or the fans or anything really become a distraction? He had one hell of a tournament.
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: He had a great tournament. It doesn't surprise me about Justise. Justise is a very special young man, not just a special basketball player. First of all, he's the youngest, so the older siblings have taught him well. He has -- his mother is one of the great ladies and has been so good to work with in teaching her son. It doesn't surprise me. He went to St. John's. He learned to be a total person, not just a basketball player. And he came to Duke and he's trying to do that at Duke. So, I just think he's one of the really special young men, you know, playing college sports right now. He's got this great background.

Q. Coach K, if you look at the stats, it would look somewhat deceptive. You have field goal percentage, you're minus 7. When you look at turnovers off of points, it's a plus 15. So, I mean, obviously is it just -- were you more pleased with the defensive nature of what you were able to do to turn this team over?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: Yeah. And I thought Gonzaga played really good defensively. They were tough to score against, and, you know, three-point shooting in college -- in anything but in college basketball is huge. We have six more made 3s. Whatever your percentage of 2s, 8 for 19, 42 percent from 3s, and the fact is, we got shots almost every time we went down the court. So, a couple of them came after offensive rebounds when you did have a miss. That's where Amile and Marshall I thought gave us some really good, like Amile Jefferson had three offensive rebounds which gave us extra possessions. The fact we only turned it over three times was huge and our three-point shooting was the difference.

Q. Coach, there's always this perception of Duke as this machine that wins all the time, yet you got players in there talking about how they didn't know how to cut down the nets. Can you contrast that?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI: We have eight guys. Come on. Four of them are freshmen. It's the youngest team I've ever had. No one would ever say that because we're Duke or because it's me. These guys -- there are eight guys. There's not somebody hiding in the locker room that's going to come out and appear. And four freshmen. They've been spectacular. This is such -- it's been such an incredible year. I've enjoyed it immensely without thinking about -- I hear about people saying disappointments. Anytime you make the NCAA Tournament, it's not a disappointment. Ask a football team if it goes to a bowl game. Seventy-something football teams go to bowls out of 110. Sixty-eight basketball teams go to the NCAA Tournament out of 350. It's an amazing honor. We run the gauntlet. We don't have to win one bowl game or be happy because of it. We're judged by whether we win or lose in this gauntlet and too much is then forgotten about the journey that each of these teams made, the journey for Gonzaga to get 35 wins. Are you kidding me? But, somebody is going to throw up in them they haven't gone to a Final Four. Come on. There's a lot of football teams who haven't played in a lot of the major bowls or whatever. We should celebrate the accomplishments of all the young men and teams that make this tournament because it's not a birth right, it's earned each year.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Coach. FastScripts by ASAP Sport
FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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