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March 29, 2015

Brad Keselowski


KERRY THARP:  Certainly a tough way there at the end.  I'm sure you wanted to try to get that grandfather clock.  Talk about your run out there at the end.
BRAD KESELOWSKI:  Yeah, it was a good run, Kerry.  Up‑and‑down day for us and we finished on a strong note, just not quite as strong as we wanted to.  But man, it was a fun race.  That's the best we've ever been here at Martinsville.  Pumped about that but a little disappointed I'm not taking home a clock.  That's how it goes sometimes.
All in all, a really solid day, a fun day, and just one spot short.

Q.  Brad, if you didn't have the win in your pocket, would you have been a little more aggressive there at the end?
BRAD KESELOWSKI:  Oh, I don't know.  I did everything I could other than wreck him, so I don't know.  Hard to say.  I hit him pretty good a couple times, so he did a good job, and he chose not to wreck, which I'll give him credit for.  But it was fun.  I just had fun.  I really don't know what more I could have done other than just drove through him.
But I felt pretty good about what I did do.

Q.  Denny just said a moment ago that hats off to Brad for taking the high road I guess is what he meant.  Do you feel like you took the high road or were you just out there racing?
BRAD KESELOWSKI:  I don't know.  I mean, morals in racing are pretty subjective.  I just felt like I raced him the way I wanted to be raced.  I guess that is what it is.

Q.  Denny is back in victory lane and back in the Chase.  How do you view him as being a competitor again after Toyota has been kind of down recently?
BRAD KESELOWSKI:  Yeah, it's so early in the year.  Right now the 4 and the 41 are the best on the mile‑and‑a‑half tracks, and the championship always comes down to the mile‑and‑a‑half tracks.  You look at the Chase, that's how it is.  The 4 and the 41 are the best cars there.  We've all got some work to do to catch up to them.  But there's, what, seven months until then?  Or six months at least?  And when that time comes, you know, that's when you need to be fast.  A lot of time to keep developing and pushing to get better, and everybody will.  Gibbs has always had good cars, and I wouldn't be shocked if by that time they were one of the favorites to beat.  But you just never know.

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