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March 28, 2015

Alison Lee


Q.  We're here with Alison Lee.  Another awesome round for you, 15‑under total, one off the lead.  Talk about today and just how you were able to follow up another strong round.
ALISON LEE:  Yeah, I started off the day really well.  I got a birdie on the first hole, then I had a couple hiccup holes and I got bogey, bogey, but I told myself to stay in the game and stay confident, positive, because I was still hitting‑‑ I was playing well still, so eventually I turned my round around, and I just kept hitting every green and getting it close and giving myself chances all day long, and I feel really comfortable over the golf ball for my approach shots and I've been hitting it really well today.  So I've been hitting it really close.

Q.  Finished with birdie, birdie, birdie.  Awesome finish.  Was there a time where you thought mentally that you had to make a push at the very end or was it just something that kind of came together?
ALISON LEE:  You know, over time, yeah, I'm still a rookie out here, but I feel like I've had a lot of experience and played in a lot of tournaments to know that I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself, so over the last stretch of holes, I just played my own game, stayed in the moment, and to be honest, I didn't even know what I shot until I signed my scorecard.  I was like, Mike, is this right, 66?  But I have grown to learn that that's how I play my best golf, and I've been able to channel that throughout this week.

Q.  Now, going into tomorrow in contention, just yesterday you said you weren't even sure if you could maybe even hang on the LPGA Tour.  What's your emotion now knowing that you're going into Sunday with a chance of winning your first event?
ALISON LEE:  I still want to do my best to stay calm.  Obviously last week at the Founders I had a really good third round and I was second or third place going into the last day, and I got a little ahead of myself, and I shot 2‑over the last day.  So I just want to stay calm, hold on to my last couple rounds here, and just play golf.

Q.  When you say got ahead of myself last week, what did that feel like?  What were the issues with you that you looked back on and said I got ahead of myself?
ALISON LEE:  Well, I was obviously disappointed.  I put myself in a really good position going into the last day and I was hitting it great, but on the last day I just couldn't roll my putts in.  I feel like that's all a learning experience and I was top 5 and got pushed down to top 25.  It was a good learning experience, and I want to take what I learned from last week and apply it to this week, and I know I'm only one shot back, but I'm just going to try and play my game and play against the golf course.

Q.  Your putting last week on the last round, was it maybe a little bit more tentative?
ALISON LEE:  It really just wasn't rolling in, and I think after several holes I got really frustrated because I was hitting every green, and a 10‑footer, 15‑footer, I was just missing all my birdie putts and I got a little ahead of myself and got really frustrated and became kind of negative towards the end of the round because I couldn't turn it around, but obviously it's all a learning experience, and I have to stay calm.  I did the best I could to do that today, and I got bogey, bogey on No.2 and 3, but I ended up with a good score.

Q.  How much would winning the first tournament being in southern California, how much would that mean?
ALISON LEE:  It means a lot.  I'm getting a lot of love here, especially being a UCLA Bruin.  I'm getting a lot of support here and a lot of friends here and family to cheer me on, so it's pretty awesome.  But we'll see.

Q.  Are those your team shoes that you're wearing?
ALISON LEE:  No, actually I ordered them.

Q.  Did you really?
ALISON LEE:  Yes, in these colors, but yeah.  I like these colors.

Q.  16, 17, 18, can you just describe‑‑ I saw the approach at 18 was insane, but 16, what did you do with the drivable par‑4?
ALISON LEE:  16, obviously Cristie hit first and she hit a really good drive, and I knew it was reachable and it was a really good opportunity to make birdie, like easy birdie.  So I hit a really good drive, I was just off the fringe, I had like a 15‑footer, and the greens kind of did get a little bumpy towards the end, and unfortunately it kind of bumped and I missed my eagle putt, but I still made birdie.  A birdie is a birdie regardless.  And then on the next hole, decent drive, a good second shot.  Third shot I hit like a 50‑degree in and I had about three feet, and then obviously the last hole.

Q.  What did you hit in on the last hole?
ALISON LEE:  A 7‑iron.  7‑iron, yes.

Q.  From how far?
ALISON LEE:  It was like 150.  It was exactly 150.

Q.  We saw very few people get that close to that pin today.  It's in the middle of the green.  It's also on that little hill.
ALISON LEE:  Yeah, like I said, this past entire week and last week I've just been hitting my approach shots really well, and I feel really confident with all my approach shots and my irons, so I think I've been able to channel that and hit good shots and still get close.

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