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March 27, 2015

Charli Turner Thorne



COACH TURNER THORNE:  Just like to thank the NCAA and Leslie and Sybil and the Selection Committee for everything, we know how hard you guys work to put this tournament on and we really appreciate it, and the people of Greensboro thank you so much for your hospitality.
I just want to say this has been one of my most fun seasons ever in coaching, because this team is so tough, and so fun to coach, and no drama and no selfishness.  We needed to play a little better basketball today.  Uncharacteristic turnovers for us.  Kind of hard to advance to the Elite 8 with that kind of possessions.
If we hung around on the boards, we'd be okay, but we never anticipated the turnovers.  So just want to‑‑ hats off to Florida State, who does an amazing job.  They have a great team, and you know, we wish them the best.

Q.  Could you walk me through the‑‑ you got the ball to Peace, did it slip out of her hands or what happened there?
COACH TURNER THORNE:  We have a four‑second play, where we up‑screen.  And she actually had Kelsey open down the court.  She's a first‑year player.  I'm not even exactly sure she knew what she was looking for.  We didn't have a time‑out. 
Probably would of rather had Lewy (ph) get the ball first in her hands.  But you know, she went with it aggressively which is also part of what we would like her to do, and you know what, she looked at the clock and then she slowed up and allowed them to poke the ball out.  And obviously, probably don't want to do that in that situation.  Probably just keep going and get the shot to the rim.
But you know, we practiced for end‑of‑game situations usually pretty good, and when we had our break after our Pac‑12 tournament, we really went through these situations again and tried to get sharp.  That was some really tough calls on Promise; the fact that our one senior wasn't in the game down the stretch really hurt us, so we had a first‑year player and we didn't quite execute the play.

Q.  Can you just talk about Romero and her impact on game?
COACH TURNER THORNE:  Yeah, she had a great game.  We definitely‑‑ if Promise wasn't in foul trouble; when somebody gets hot against us, we put Promise on them, Nigerian nightmare, and they don't have a good game.  She got some tough calls and she was in foul trouble the entire game.  We actually put her on her for a little bit in the second half and then she still just had three.
But disappointing because she was hurting us, and we weren't doing a good job.  Lewy (ph) and Peace weren't doing a good job guarding her, so I think Promise could have gotten over those screens and gotten her space and not allowed her to create so much.  We wanted to play her right hand.  We didn't want to leave her wide open driving left.  We just didn't play‑‑ she did a great job.  She's a very talented player and she really stepped up, and would have liked to have had our best defender on her but didn't work out.

Q.  The run they went on at the end of the first half, you've been in those kind of deficits before but how much was that a factor in terms of trying to come back from being down by 11?
COACH TURNER THORNE:  Well, it was really disappointing because we just sort of gave them the ball.  Again, very uncharacteristic of us and lack of discipline.  It's a young team and first time in this situation and I think we didn't have as much poise‑‑ the poise that we normally have.  The turnovers were‑‑ you can't set up your defense, right.
I mean, it was just‑‑ we felt fine at halftime because we knew we gave it to them; that their halfcourt defense held them to probably 15 points in the first half and we just needed to start taking care of the ball.  That happened.  We tied it up.  We had the game that we wanted and we just needed to, again, credit Florida State.  We needed to get our stops down the stretch, and Katie got hot, which was great.  We were confident going to Sophie.  We just had‑‑ even just off that free throw rebound, to give up a layup, that was just something that‑‑ yeah, disappointing for our defensive mentality.
THE MODERATOR:  Katie Hempen had an excellent game.  Can you talk about her performance?
COACH TURNER THORNE:  Well, Katie's been‑‑ she's obviously one of our best shooters, and she's always clutch down the stretch.  I thought she absolutely put us in a position to win the game, like she does‑‑ like she has on many occasions this year.  We just need a better end‑of‑the‑game defense.

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