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March 27, 2015

Billy Horschel


BILLY HORSCHEL:テつ Not bad, but it's one or two swings a round, maybe three or four.テつ I hit a bad shot that sort of cost me.テつ And not making any putts, to get some momentum back or to stop some bleeding, also hasn't been‑‑ that's another thing on its own.
But I feel I've been putting well.テつ My short game is good.テつ I feel like my swing the last couple of weeks has been really close ever since the Honda.テつ I feel like it's close, it just isn't perfect yet.
This course, I hit one bad shot the first two days, and that was in the native area.テつ I was lucky enough to get away with it.
I feel like my game is really close.テつ I'm not hitting bad misses, which I'm happy with.テつ It was nice to see these two days, yesterday in tough conditions, and today, the conditions were easier, but you've still got to hit good shots around here.

Q.テつ Is it fun to play with Phil and Zach or does it really matter who you play with?テつ It looks like you enjoy playing with all these guys.
BILLY HORSCHEL:テつ Yeah, it doesn't matter who I play with I have fun.テつ But Zach and Phil are two great guys to play with.テつ There's quite a bit of banter back and forth, and we like that, like I said.テつ But I'm going to have fun with whoever it is.テつ They may not have fun, but I'm going to have fun.

Q.テつ You're really one score away from being right back into it.テつ You ought to be pleased you're right there?
BILLY HORSCHEL:テつ Jimmy is at 6, I'm only four out.テつ I really wanted to make the putt on my 9th hole, my 9th hole, the 18th.テつ But it slipped by.テつ I left a couple of opportunities out there, I think, coming in.テつ Four shots back on this golf course really isn't that far back, especially if the wind picks up.テつ There's so much danger out there that you could be right there near the lead in a heartbeat.

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