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March 27, 2015

Zach Johnson


Q.テつ How did it go out there for you, Zach?
ZACH JOHNSON:テつ It was a solid day.テつ Tee to green was nice, with the exception of maybe one errant tee shot.テつ I had very good control of my golf ball.テつ I felt like I left some out there on the short game, some pick shots, some putts, which is frustrating.テつ But all‑in‑all considering what I'm up against, I think it was really good.

Q.テつ How do you adjust from when it gets really cold in the morning until right now when it starts heating up?
ZACH JOHNSON:テつ It's not hard to adjust.テつ It's fantastic.テつ The ball just doesn't go as far when it's cool.
It warmed up fast.テつ I was shedding clothes first tee shot on 10.テつ My first hole.テつ Next hole, the next hole.テつ We were shedding quick, it warmed up nice.

Q.テつ I know you switched putters, how much different is the new one compared to the old one, and what benefits do you see?
ZACH JOHNSON:テつ It's vastly different.テつ Completely different, actually.テつ It's face balanced.テつ It's new.テつ I mean the putter I've been using is extremely old.テつ There's nothing wrong with that, it works.
I told myself if I'm ever going to make a little switch I'm going to make a complete‑‑ something completely different.テつ I'm not sold on anything yet.テつ I'm still trying to figure out what's best for my stroke.テつ And I'm confident I'll find it.テつ I've got good people on both sides.テつ We'll get it squared away.テつ It may take some time.テつ But I'm excited about the process.

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