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March 27, 2015

Kevin Na


Q.テつ That was a great way to finish.
KEVIN NA:テつ Yeah, it's a tough hole.テつ Off the left that back hole location is very difficult to get to.テつ And I was in the right rough.テつ I had a great shot up there, barely stayed up.テつ Had a good read on and made a good putt.

Q.テつ You finished with 68, which is a really solid day.テつ I thought you caught the brunt of the weather yesterday.テつ 72 was a really good score.テつ You've got to be pleased even though conditions changed?
KEVIN NA:テつ Yes, we definitely got a break in the afternoon wave yesterday.テつ And I think we're catching another break today.テつ I think it's going to blow a little harder in the afternoon.
So sometimes you need a little break.テつ When you do get a good break you need to capitalize.

Q.テつ What about this course and your game?テつ It really seems to fit your game.テつ You play well here, you did last year.
KEVIN NA:テつ I played well last year.テつ I've got a history, obviously.テつ Besides that hole I played great.
I like this golf course, it's a great golf course, in great shape.テつ I look forward to coming here.テつ And hopefully I'll do something special.

Q.テつ For our listeners, they can't see the shirt, they can go to PGATOUR.COM it's got a Twilight Zone hypnotic effect to it?
KEVIN NA:テつ Yeah, that's what they're going for.テつ That's my sponsor, they've got a couple of stuff where you look at it it's like a magic eye.テつ I think it's kind of cool.テつ And I put it on today.

Q.テつ You like it?
KEVIN NA:テつ I shot 68 with it.テつ I'll keep it around.

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