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March 27, 2015

Jimmy Walker


DOUG MILNE:テつ Jimmy Walker, thanks for joining us, 5‑under 67, Round 2 at the Valero Texas Open.
Obviously we talked earlier in the week about the comfort factor being here and everything associated with it.テつ You mentioned you have family out, Jordan has family out.テつ All‑in‑all a good day, and the wind certainly not quite what it was yesterday.
JIMMY WALKER:テつ No, it definitely wasn't what it was yesterday.テつ It's nice to have all the friends and family here.テつ And Jordan had a bunch, too.テつ It made it feel like a nice atmosphere.テつ We were getting some cheers, and that's always nice.
But, yeah, the golf course played‑‑ it was cold for us when we started out this morning, like real cold, in the 40s.テつ But it wasn't windy, so that was nice.
The day, you can go outside, it's a beautiful day, so it's really turned into what the weather is really supposed to be like here this time of year.

Q.テつ I haven't had a chance to look at your card in depth, but I'm sitting there watching Aaron and Charley up on top of the leaderboard, now all of a sudden I see your name.テつ Talk about the last part of your round.テつ I think you birdied maybe three of the last four?
JIMMY WALKER:テつ Yeah, so I was‑‑ I birdied 18 to get it back to 2‑under for the day.テつ I made a couple of good par putts, good up and down on 1, left bunker, short sided.
And then just kind of was around the hole, didn't make anything, and then finally got one to go on 6.
I hit a good iron shot, just got it on top of the ridge up there on 7.テつ Made that putt, that was a nice little 15, 18‑footer.
The par 5, I hit it left of the green, pin short left side of the green, 12 feet, made that.テつ That was a nice way to finish.テつ Always a good hole that back pin, so that was a nice par.

Q.テつ I think you only missed‑‑ 17, I think you had a pretty short par‑putt.テつ You missed.テつ That was your only bogey of the day.テつ Was your putting stroke feeling really good right now?
JIMMY WALKER:テつ I felt pretty good.テつ Everything feels pretty good.テつ I've been rolling it pretty good.テつ That putt, I hit a good putt, I didn't let it break, so just a little misread.テつ That was a three‑putt, that was kind of a bummer.テつ Yeah, it feels good.テつ I've been working on it at home.テつ And was ready to go.

Q.テつ This has been‑‑ should be, you think, maybe kind of a home game for you, being kind of "your home course."テつ Hasn't really worked out that way.テつ Coming in here you had some time off, did you spend any time thinking about what you could do differently to break through here or is it just like any other tournament?
JIMMY WALKER:テつ The more I play here the more I get comfortable.テつ This is not my home golf course.テつ I try to get out here and play.テつ I got out here a few times and ran around it, just get more comfortable over time with the golf course and know it's a little‑‑ its quirks and tendencies, you try to figure all that stuff out.テつ But even being your home course, you still have to come and play well.テつ You have to be doing things well to play well.テつ It doesn't matter that it's your home course, not your home course, if you don't play good, you're not going to play good.
But, I've been out here trying to play a few rounds.

Q.テつ Apparently this week you need a good break with the tee time, as well.テつ Getting out this morning and seeing the conditions as they were did you feel like I really need to take advantage of this, because I've gotten the good break with the tee sheet?
JIMMY WALKER:テつ Yeah, it's a bummer when the field gets split like that in the morning and afternoon wave.テつ It happens to all of us.テつ It happens quite a bit in the spring.テつ It's just springtime.テつ We all know that.
I've gotten my fair shares of good draws and fair share of bad.テつ But it worked out this week.テつ We got on the right side of it.テつ And played well.テつ You wanted to take advantage of the break you were given yesterday afternoon, so we tried to.

Q.テつ How much are you looking forward to going back to Augusta, and what does it do to your confidence playing so well as you are?
JIMMY WALKER:テつ I'm really looking forward to going back.テつ I'm going to go early next week, and see it one or two times.テつ It was a special week last year.テつ It was my first time.テつ The weather was amazing.テつ And really lived up to everything I wanted it to be.
But, yeah, it's always nice to get off to a good start, I think anybody will tell you that.テつ But after the West Coast, I played a pretty heavy West Coast and not much in Florida.テつ So I was trying to rest up.テつ I was off the last two weeks, trying to get ready for the next little push here.

Q.テつ You mentioned your friends and family along with Jordan's, how would you rate the galleries as a whole over these last two days?
JIMMY WALKER:テつ I mean I can only see what we see.テつ But I feel like they've been good.テつ For the star power that he has and me being a local and you've got Phil and those guys right behind us, so there's quite a few people in that little section of the golf course.

Q.テつ Are you kind of a guy who likes routine, and what is your morning like, day like before‑‑ morning before you tee off, if you can go home the night before and sleep in your own bed?
JIMMY WALKER:テつ Well, you try to stick to a routine, but when you travel with your family and kids sometimes the routine doesn't always work out.テつ Routines are nice.テつ They get broken up, so you can't put too much into it.テつ This morning is a fast morning.テつ You wake up, you drive 35 minutes in.テつ There's not much daylight to warm up in, so your routine is cut short.テつ You have to always adjust.テつ You have to be okay with that, I think.

Q.テつ Your thoughts on getting back to Augusta and just Ben Crenshaw's last master, any reflection on what he's meant to the Masters, and a fellow Texan, what he's meant to that tournament?
JIMMY WALKER:テつ Yes, looking forward to going back, for sure.テつ I don't know how you couldn't.テつ This is his last one.テつ I can remember Ben on the last hole making the putt.テつ You always think of Ben's putting stroke and how sweet it is.テつ That's what everybody talks about.テつ He made the putt on his last hole, after Peanut passed away.テつ He crumples down and his hat fell off.テつ That's my memory of Ben Crenshaw at Augusta.テつ It's a sweet/bittersweet moment.テつ So it's pretty cool.

Q.テつ I wondered now that you're leading, what would it mean to win here, finally, Jimmy?
JIMMY WALKER:テつ You know, win anywhere means a lot.テつ But being at home, you know, you get to have parents, in‑laws, friends, best friends, distant family or family.テつ It would be cool.テつ It doesn't put anymore pressure on you, I think.テつ If anything you've got a nice support crew out there and you've got good vibes and good mojo and I believe in all that stuff.テつ So I think positive energy is good.テつ I think we'll have a lot of that.
DOUG MILNE:テつ Thank you, Jimmy.

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