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March 27, 2015

Paula Creamer


Q.  Yesterday four back of the lead.  You started off 3‑under on the back nine and then even on the back nine.  Was that an indication of the greens just getting how poa annua gets in the afternoon?
PAULA CREAMER:  I don't want to blame it on the greens or anything.  I could have hit it a little bit closer at times, but definitely it's tough putting on these in the afternoon.  You can't be very aggressive.  They just bounce straight up in the air.  It's one of those things, if you hit a good putt, that's all you can do and just hope for it to bounce on into the hole.

Q.  We made the observation today that Colin is no longer lining you up on your hole shots, and we had a lot of fun with it because he'd make a move to go back there out of habit and then catch himself.  What is the philosophy behind his no longer lining you up?
PAULA CREAMER:  I know, I've graduated to big‑girl golf now.  I can line myself up.  It's pretty good.  It's one of those things I wanted to take ownership of.  I choose a club, I pick my shot, I pick my target.  We still definitely talk about it a lot, but I can trust myself.  I did it in junior golf and I did it in amateur golf.  There's no reason why I can't do it out here.  Every once in a while there's a confidence thing where if there's a tough tee shot I'll have him just check me out, but no, I can do it on my own.

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