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March 26, 2015

Vasek Pospisil


V. POSPISIL/J. del Potro
6‑4, 7‑6

Q. How comfortable did you feel out there?
VASEK POSPISIL:テつ Well, the conditions are a bit tough.テつ It was a little bit windy, and obviously when you're playing Juan Martin who hasn't played many matches obviously, but still tough going out.テつ He's still a big name, and, you know, that, along with the conditions made it tough.
But actually, given the circumstances, I thought I played a great match.テつ Hopefully I can build on that.

Q.テつ Were you feeling nervous going out there knowing that you had a big name to play and that he hasn't played for a while and not knowing what to expect?
VASEK POSPISIL:テつ Well, definitely it made it a little bit more difficult.テつ You know, I didn't really know what to expect.
Yeah, that was a little bit added stress maybe before.テつ But at the same time, I was just trying to focus on serving well and playing my game and trying to put pressure and coming to the net.
I executed that game plan pretty well.

Q.テつ Did you notice he wasn't really hitting his backhand like he usually can?テつ Maybe because of the wrist he knows that?
VASEK POSPISIL:テつ Yeah, of course.テつ Whether he had pain or not, you know, it's obviously not the same backhand that he normally plays.テつ I tried to take advantage of that by coming in and putting pressure on that side.
But, you know, he's still serving well and hitting his forehand huge, which made it tough.テつ I just hung in there, you know, maybe got a little bit fortunate at the end.テつ He was serving; had set point on his serve; but then the rest of the way I played well.

Q.テつ How is it having such a spirited match in the first round?テつ Because he's such a big star and such a favorite to be on Stadium Court.テつ It's unusual.
VASEK POSPISIL:テつ Yeah, it's unusual, but to be honest, I was enjoying it.テつ It was pretty nice.テつ It was like a Davis Cup atmosphere.テつ I felt like I was playing away somewhere.
It was a great atmosphere.テつ Whether everyone is cheering for me or against me or if it's equal, you know, when there is a big crowd and when they are into it, it's always more enjoyable for everybody.テつ I was enjoying it more, and actually might have helped me a little bit in the end, to be honest.
But, no, I enjoyed it.テつ It was a good match.

Q.テつ Davis Cup experience might have helped, right, because of that?
VASEK POSPISIL:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ I have been playing Davis Cup for the past three or four years.テつ For sure, I mean, in general I felt like I can play better in front of bigger crowds when they are into it.
I can get emotional, and when I get emotional it's usually a good thing, as long as I control it to some ways.
But I just took ‑‑you know, I took the positive energy from the atmosphere and used it to my advantage at the end a little bit.

Q.テつ Down 5‑2 in the tiebreaker, how important was it for you to get the match over with now as opposed to going to the third set?
VASEK POSPISIL:テつ Well, you never know.テつ That's the thing.テつ For me, obviously it was huge because I'm off the court the crowd was really getting into it at the end of the second set, and if he gets away with that set and the crowd gets fired up, it's probably going to be a little bit more difficult for me as well.テつ Especially the longer the match goes.
But, yeah, I'm just thrilled that I got the win and I was able to get through in two sets.

Q.テつ (Question regarding singles versus doubles.)
VASEK POSPISIL:テつ Yeah, it's ironic, because we are not focused on doubles but we seem to have great results.テつ When we click and when we're playing well, I guess we're a dangerous team, but obviously the priority is 100% singles.テつ Every practice is 100% singles focus.テつ The doubles is something that we do on the side to have a little bit of fun.
But when we get on the court we want to win.テつ Obviously, we have shown that.テつ But, yeah, it's enjoyable.テつ But like I said, we are both‑‑ we both want to be singles players and we want to be known for our singles successes, which might be tough, depending on how we keep playing doubles.テつ It's fun.

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