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March 26, 2015

Charley Hoffman


DOUG MILNE:テつ Charley Hoffman, thanks for joining us for a few minutes after the only bogey‑free round of the day here today, 5‑under, 67, at the Valero Texas Open.
I was looking at your stats and thinking, well, good Lord, it doesn't surprise me you're at the top.テつ You're making your 10th start here, you've never missed a cut.テつ You've only once finished out of the top‑15 here.テつ What is it about this tournament, TPC San Antonio, since 2010 that really suits your game?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:テつ I don't know the answer to that.テつ I think visually the golf course sets up off the tee for me, which is nice.テつ It's a demanding driving golf course, I think that's one of my strengths is driving the golf ball in play.テつ And I think that sorts of fits my eye off the tee, and it gives me the ability to attack once I get it in play.テつ I know my track record and feel good.テつ Definitely I look forward to playing here.
DOUG MILNE:テつ What was clicking for you today?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:テつ I got lucky when it was blowing hard, when I teed off the first four holes were downwind.テつ It sort of died down a little bit when we made the turn to 5.テつ And I was able to birdie a couple of holes early, which was nice.テつ And I felt comfortable and kept the ball in play and gave myself a few more opportunities.テつ And it was just a pretty low stretch round.テつ I never really had a par‑putt outside.テつ I think I made about 15,テつ 18‑footer on 4, which was really my only hole I got out of position.テつ I was able to capitalize on that par.テつ And from there I drove it good and kept it in front of me.

Q.テつ The way you played this place, if you had a morning tee time, I know you would have shot under par.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:テつ I'm not quite sure about that.テつ But looking at the forecast I was happy.テつ We knew a front was coming in.テつ I knew it was going to blow and be cold this morning.テつ I was happy I was in the afternoon.

Q.テつ Since winning in Mexico, how do you feel about your game?テつ Were you at a point where, I can't wait for the Texas Open to show up where I can get things going?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:テつ You know, I've been so‑so this year.テつ Came off a hard start early, finished 2nd at Humana.
It was a nice week off last week, and I always look forward to bringing the family here at the JW Marriott.テつ And the Valero Texas Open is sort of a relaxing week for me.テつ The kids are here and my wife.テつ And it's just sort of a fun week.テつ And I know I've had a good track record and not a lot of stretch playing in the practice rounds.テつ I've played this course with this wind and other ways.テつ It's nice knowing how to play this golf course into the wind, for sure.

Q.テつ When you were out there the wind wasn't too bad?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:テつ It was there, but I went out early intentionally this morning to get sort of the speed of the greens because I knew the wind was blowing so hard.テつ Granted the top of the range and the putting green is the point highest point of the golf course.テつ But the ball was‑‑ when I was practicing we didn't have any of that, it was still 15 miles an hour out there, which doesn't make this course easy.テつ But it had been gusting up to 30 miles an hour this morning for those guys.テつ It's hard to play golf when it's blowing that hard.テつ I don't think there was a round shot under par this morning.テつ And there's a handful this afternoon, so obviously the conditions were much easier this afternoon.

Q.テつ Did the wind ever bother you?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:テつ I mean you sort of‑‑ you factor it into everything when you're playing this golf course.テつ I've got to give credit to the PGA rules staff, they set up the golf course pretty fair for how hard it rolled.テつ Put the pins in low flat areas, so it didn't get out of control.テつ And they did a good job for us to be able to play today at all.

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