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March 26, 2015

Aaron Baddeley


DOUG MILNE:テつ We'll go ahead and get started while folks come in.テつ Aaron Baddeley, thanks for joining us, making your 8th start here at the Valero Texas Open.テつ I think you had a tie for third in the first‑‑ the first time the event was here, TPC San Antonio.テつ That aside, anything interesting go on today?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ The finish was pretty normal.テつ (Laughter).
DOUG MILNE:テつ Take us through 17.
AARON BADDELEY:テつ I was thinking of gripping a 3‑wood or hit a cut driver, and I don't know, I went with the cut driver, I hit a pulled draw in the middle of the trees.テつ Okay.
And then just teed it up, next one, I hit this one straight.テつ And so I hit it, started walking and the crowd started going nuts.テつ Wait.テつ I just made birdie.
DOUG MILNE:テつ 3‑wood, also?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ Ended up being a driver.テつ Driver the second time around, yeah.テつ And that was crazy.
DOUG MILNE:テつ How intimidating were the morning scores looking, obviously with what the wind was doing, with the scores, did that get into your head at all or did you realize the wind was going to die down?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ I saw the forecast, it was going to die just a little bit for the afternoon.テつ But on a day like today you knew you had to be patient.テつ I knew it was going to be blowing.テつ So even going to bed last night I already had the mindset I just had to be patient, whether you got off to a good start or a bad start.テつ So I think days like today the mindset is the most important.

Q.テつ 17, did you try to hit the same shot?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ No, I tried to hit a cut driver, and the next one I choked up a little bit on the driver and hit it straight.

Q.テつ How were the conditions out there for you?テつ What was your experience with the wind and everything?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ It was tough.テつ Even warming up on the range, you could see the ball was getting knocked down out of the sky with some shots.
Like No. 3, I actually hit a few shots warming up on the range, practicing for the third hole, obviously with the water being in front, if you hit a short iron and the ball gets knocked down you're going to get it in the water.テつ I was practicing shots up in the air to see if the ball was going to get knocked down or carry well enough‑‑ far enough, you know.
It was tough.テつ I mean hitting 6‑irons 130, 135 yards.テつ Hitting pitching wedge from 160 plus yards.テつ Imagination was on overdrive today.

Q.テつ At 17, do you remember having anything similar happen to you like that?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ No.テつ I never did that, nothing like that, or even made one out of four.

Q.テつ And then it seemed like today, I know they had a lot of the pins in back on the downwind holes.テつ But it seemed like downwind was tougher than into the wind today, did you find that to be the case?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ Yeah, perfect example was 10.テつ Chez hit like a good shot in there, he was in the rough, albeit, but just flew the bunker and the pin was 35 yards on.テつ And it landed one yard over the bunker and went off the back.テつ It had to be in the fairway, even on the downwind hole, it was hard to judge today.
On 10 I thought I hit a perfect shot in there, and it went eight, ten yards further than what we were expecting.テつ It was tough.

Q.テつ The putt on 3, was there anytime you thought the course may have been unplayable?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ No.テつ I never‑‑ the ball moved on the first hole, but besides that, the ball was never‑‑ I never even saw it oscillating or anything.テつ No.

Q.テつ Why do the Aussies do so well playing in Texas?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ I mean growing up back home, Melbourne, it was always windy.テつ Every day was windy it seemed like.テつ If you had a still day it was unusual.テつ Whether it was blowing 20 or blowing 10, there was always a wind.テつ So I think you just get used to playing in the wind.

Q.テつ We seem to keep going back to 17 for obvious reasons.テつ It's a birdie hole today with the tees moved up, the wind not hurting you.テつ So when you do basically snap hook off the tee, what's your mindset after that?テつ How do you kind of gather yourself back up and put it away and have a rip at it?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ I just thought‑‑ I mean, really‑‑ that was really the only poor shot I hit today.テつ I played really nice for the majority of the day.テつ I just said to myself, it was just the wrong shot. テつHit a straight one.テつ It was straight downwind, get it going straight, it will go straight.テつ So I hit‑‑ and I hit the second one, man, why didn't I do that the first time?テつ And it rolls up and goes in.
DOUG MILNE:テつ Aaron, thank you.

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