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March 24, 2015

Anna Nordqvist


Q.テつ Can you give me just, I guess, a little overview of the difference of coming back to a site where you're defending?テつ Has to feel a little bit different.
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ Yeah.テつ It seems like in the past like a lot of the courses I've won on, we moved away, and like Bulle Rock, we moved away; the tour championship, we moved away.テつ I won Jamaica.テつ We didn't have any more.テつ Thailand, yeah, I did come back to the same place.
So I think it just brings back a lot of good memories, you know, the atmosphere is obviously great.テつ And you know, you start to remember things from last year.
But Carlsbad is just such a fun place, because I have a lot of friends from Adidas and from previous sponsors.テつ It's just such a golf community, so I have a lot of friends here, so you know, it's just fun week.
Last year I was just trying to enjoy myself.テつ I was hanging out with everyone and having dinners, and you know, it always seems like a pretty busy week because you try to see everyone.テつ And then you know, coming Sunday I had a chance to do it last year, and shot a good Sunday and all of a sudden on Sunday I'm winning, and I was just trying to enjoy myself and have a good time with everyone.

Q.テつ So Thailand was your first title defense that you went back to the same course?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ Exactly, yes.

Q.テつ Okay.テつ And you played well‑‑
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ Yeah, I played pretty well.テつ Didn't putt very well, but‑‑

Q.テつ Now, I know last year when you said Thailand was the emotional win, and that was the break the winless drought, all that stuff.テつ And this was more of like an after mitigation of like I'm back type deal.テつ Do you have those thoughts when you think of this win more so that way?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ Yeah, it was definitely‑‑ you know, it was‑‑ like it took me a couple of years to win a title and all of a sudden I won again just a couple of weeks after Thailand.テつ So it was really awesome, and you know, just gave me a lot of confidence knowing that, you know, I am on the right track and, you know, doing good things, because if you don't, you know, I wasn't winning for a couple of years and I was still playing pretty solid.テつ So you are starting to doubt yourself.テつ So it's just more of like confirmation for myself to never give up.

Q.テつ Now, let's talk about Sunday of last year.テつ I know you're saying you had a lot of memories coming back.テつ Started two shots back, had a great last round.テつ What do you remember most from that final round and the finish?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ Well, I played pretty good like Friday, Saturday.テつ Sunday, I got off to a decent start, and I remember I birdied 8 and 9 and then that kind of got me on a roll.テつ I was playing the second‑to‑last group, and you know, just try to play really aggressive on the Back 9.テつ I think I made a birdie on 13, 14 and 16.テつ So just some really good shots and really good putts.
And then coming down 18, I knew it was tied.テつ I knew every shot was important, didn't really know what was going on in the group behind me.テつ So I had a 6‑iron into the front pin with water on the right.テつ So I hit the green in two and had a 25‑footer for birdie.テつ You know, hit it really close and tapped in for par, but I just didn't know where I was standing at the time.テつ I knew I was leading, but I didn't know if Lizette or anyone birdied 17, so they had a chance to tie me with a birdie at 18.テつ And then when I found out after I was done that they didn't birdie 17, it was obviously a great feeling.
You know, I just tried to put my best foot forward on Sunday and ended up winning, and it was obviously great.

Q.テつ All right.テつ Well, playing super well recently.テつ Two Top 10s last two starts.テつ What's been the key to that?テつ What have you been working on?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ I think this off season was actually one of the first off seasons where I didn't have to do any major surgery to my game.

Q.テつ Yeah, trying to take it easy a little bit in terms of swing wise?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ Yeah, just tried to be very nice and relaxing, for the most part kept the same team and we've just been working on the same things, and it's just been nice because I could take a little bit more time off after Christmas and new years, and then I've just been home in Florida working really hard.テつ So I feel like my game's been pretty solid, haven't really putted very well.テつ I mean I hit the ball great in Thailand, just couldn't make any putts, and Singapore was the same thing, it felt like.
And then last week early on, you know, I hit the ball pretty good, just couldn't make any putts and then Sunday a couple of them started to drop and all of a sudden I shot a low score.テつ So no, I feel my game is pretty solid.テつ I feel like I'm working good things and have great people around me, so it's just a matter of staying patient and letting it happen.

Q.テつ I was looking at your stats and you say your putting is not so good, but it's saying you're ranked fifth in putts and greens‑in‑regulation.テつ What is the strongest?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ No, I've always been a good iron player, and I feel like that's where my strength is, my ball striking.

Q.テつ All right.テつ Well, what about course setup here this week?テつ How is it playing?テつ Similar?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ I haven't been out to the course.テつ I haven't played the course yet.テつ I'll be out there this afternoon, but what's so fun with this course is it's challenging from the tee.テつ Tee to green you got a little bit of wind in there.テつ And you know, you have to hit good shots.テつ Poa greens are usually a little bit more consistent than other greens, so it tends to be harder to make putts when it's like this.
But I like this course setup just because it's challenging.テつ It just feels like it's a little bit more challenging than most courses would play, so it's a little bit more‑‑ I don't know what the word is.テつ Like favors the better players.

Q.テつ I feel like you typically like say thrive on those challenging steps more so?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ Yeah.テつ I think it more favors‑‑ I don't want to say favors the best player, but I think it's more‑‑

Q.テつ It's more of a challenge.

Q.テつ Give me the rundown of TaylorMade visit.テつ Were you hitting over there, did you use clubs, all your sponsor obligations?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ Yeah.テつ I was playing around in the putting lab a little bit yesterday, been messing around a little bit with putters.

Q.テつ Nothing new though?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ No.テつ I brought an old putter back last week.テつ So‑‑

Q.テつ What was it?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ It was just one TaylorMade putter I found in the closet and‑‑

Q. テつDusted it off?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ Yeah, I put it in, because I've been having a counter balance for a while, so I just wanted to mix it up a little bit.

Q.テつ So you still have it this week?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ Yeah, so I went in there yesterday and had the shaft painted black, so had an extreme makeover yesterday.

Q.テつ So you were in an extreme makeover and touchups on an old friend.

Q.テつ All right.テつ What's the model of the putter?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ It's a Rossa, TaylorMade Rossa, it's a couple years old.
And also I was there and then I went to JLab.

Q.テつ JLab.テつ All right.テつ How long have you been with them?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ This is my first year.テつ It's a really cool company.テつ They're based in Carlsbad.テつ They have‑‑ I listen to a lot of music, to I use their headphones, and I have their speakers out on the range back home.テつ Yeah, it's a cool company, so I went to see them.テつ And then I had dinner at Adidas sign team yesterday, hang out.テつ And then I was over at Adidas, actually seeing the spring '16 line, the clothes.

Q.テつ Cute?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ Yeah.テつ Very cute.テつ Yeah, they got some really cool stuff coming up.テつ And they just asked feedback, and it's so fun to be part of the process.テつ So just hanging out with them for a while and now I'm getting ready to practice.

Q.テつ Now the week's getting started.テつ Finally.テつ Cool.

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