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March 23, 2015

Mike Hesson


Q. Mike, in terms of a wickets perspective, maybe Adam didn't quite have the impact you wanted, but how do you rate his bowling overall in the World Cup?
MIKE HESSON: Look, he's obviously made a significant impact to get us to this point. He gives us variety, gives us extra pace, and he gives us the ability to attack at different times of the innings. Even though he might not have got wickets at his end, he certainly helped create them at others.

Q. How serious is the injury to Adam Milne?
MIKE HESSON: It's serious enough to rule him out of the tournament from a playing perspective, so we've still got more test to see do in terms of the extent of it, but we're thinking more weeks rather than longer than that.

Q. Could you have persisted with him or at this stage of the tournament it wasn't worth it?
MIKE HESSON: It's not it wasn't worth it, it's to a point now where he's unable to bowl. If he's unable to bowl, he's in a lot of pain when he bowls, he's fine walking in a straight line, but unfortunately when he bowls it's become increasingly uncomfortable, to a point where he's unable to carry on.

Q. Have you made a decision on who will replace Adam in the starting 11?
MIKE HESSON: No, we haven't. We've still got obviously protocols to go through with the ICC in terms of replacement players. Obviously Matt Henry is up here training with us, and pending that everything works well in the process, then Matt Henry will come into the squad.

Q. Was it an injury that Adam had started to feel before the quarterfinal, or has it just emerged after that quarterfinal?
MIKE HESSON: It's one of those injuries probably for two weeks he's had issues with it, but he was pain-free come the quarterfinal and got through that okay, but post-quarterfinal it's flared up to a point where, as I said, it's unsustainable.

Q. Is this one of the expected unexpecteds that could have happened in the tournament? Is this something you planned for?
MIKE HESSON: Look, I think within our squad we've said all along that we've got cover for players. As I said, Adam has played a good part to get us to this point, but we've got other options that are going to have to take over and provide similar options to us as Adam has.

Q. Can you just explain to us how did Adam react to the news? How did the team react to the news?
MIKE HESSON: Look, you know, Adam got told this morning. We looked at different options, but it just wasn't going to work. Obviously a lot of disappointment. It's a once in a lifetime -- well, hopefully it's not a once in a lifetime opportunity for Adam, but look, he's gutted and all the players are gutted for him. As I said, he's a popular member of the group, and hopefully he'll be around.

Q. I know there's a process to go through with the ICC, et cetera, et cetera, but obviously you've gone with pretty much the same 11 for the entire tournament. You guys have always spoken about how those four other players are ready to go, but how great is the temptation to put Matt straight into the lineup once he's cleared given that he's been playing cricket regularly whereas the other guys are short of match practice?
MIKE HESSON: Look, once we get to the ground tomorrow we'll look at whoever is available in the squad, and we'll look at the wicket again, and we'll pick what we deem to be the best squad tomorrow. If Matt ends up in the squad, he'll be considered along with the others.

Q. On the other side of the coin, what did that conversation -- how did that conversation with Matt go when you told him that he was coming into the squad?
MIKE HESSON: We brought Matt up as cover yesterday so he was going to come and train with us. He was obviously excited to come up here. But yeah, when he heard this morning that he was brought into the squad, yeah, he's obviously pretty excited. I did his washing from last night, as well, so I think he's pretty keen to get that back.

Q. How did he look in the nets this morning?
MIKE HESSON: He's going pretty good, yep.

Q. Just going back to your other options for who could replace Adam, how much importance do you actually place on the fact that a player has been playing through the domestic cricket as opposed to just bowling in the nets?
MIKE HESSON: Oh, look, as I said, within our squad of 15 we've got a lot of experience. We've got guys we think can come in and do a job, and as I said, Matt will just be one of those, but we'll consider everything.

Q. Do you think it's important, though, that he has been playing?
MIKE HESSON: Oh, that's certainly something that's in his advantage, but you know, we've got plenty of options.
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