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March 22, 2015

Stacy Lewis


Q.  Obviously not the outcome you would have wanted, but what do you take away from your round today?
STACY LEWIS:  Well, just that I fought like crazy.  That back nine was pretty cool, the way we made birdies back and forth and on top of each other.
Really, the way I played on the front, to think I could still be within a shot coming up those last few holes was pretty amazing.  I'm proud of the way I hung in there.  I was in three divots today in the fairway, so that didn't really help things, and I was in a divot there on 18, as well.  So I hit a pretty good shot.  But just kept trying to give myself opportunities, and did it most of the day.

Q.  Speaking of 18, what were you thinking when you saw where your ball came to rest in the fairway?
STACY LEWIS:  I was obviously not happy.  Just being the third one of the day, and just more than anything, where that pin was, you just needed something with spin on it coming in, and it was a sand‑filled divot, so it wasn't‑‑ you couldn't get a lot of check on it.  So I hit, I mean, for the lie I had, I hit it a really good shot.

Q.  Could you talk a little about Hyo Joo and what you learned about her game today?
STACY LEWIS:  She's just really solid.  Kind of had to battle back from some adversity there on 10.  But just really solid.  She didn't‑‑ in front, I didn't put much pressure on her but even when I did make some putts, she made the putts to follow and she put a lot of pressure on and was just really solid all day.

Q.  What's that like when you are playing with someone in the final group and every time you seem to make up a little ground, they just come right back?
STACY LEWIS:  Well, it's fun.  I mean, that's what you play for.  I mean, you play to make putts.  We kind of got into match‑play mode out there, so you're making putts basically to halve holes.  It's fun.  It's where you want to be.  I just needed a couple more holes.

Q.  And finally, what does this week mean to you?  I know you started out with everything with the Girls Golf; what does the Founders Cup mean to Stacy Lewis?
STACY LEWIS:  Well, I love this event.  Just seeing those founders and the piano ears there on 18, and then the kids following us up there, that's what this week is all about.  I hope we're here for many years to come, whether we're here or wherever, we need to have this event is what it is.
I think it's one of the most important events that we have, and because of this event, I think a lot of girls on Tour are more aware of who those women are behind 18.  And so we just need to keep doing that.

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