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March 22, 2015

Zach Johnson


Q.  The 8th hole, 145 yards out.  This man was right in that same position.  He birdied five of the first six holes and then the mishap at 8.  How up and down of a day was this round for you, Zach?
ZACH JOHNSON:  I mean it was a day of a rollercoaster, I guess, for Orlando.  I don't know how really to explain it.  I mean my emotion got the best of me on the last two holes even though I hit good shots.
Execution wasn't there short game-wise.  But yeah, 8 was the biggest disappointment when you're 143 in the fairway with a 9-iron and make a double.  That usually stings.

Q.  Let's go to the good part of the day, the up and not the down.  Second shot, par 5.
ZACH JOHNSON:  Yeah.  I was in between a 4-iron and 5-iron.  It's warm.  I'm going to rip a 5-iron.  I tugged it a good five yards from where I wanted to hit it but, yeah.  Yeah, I don't know.
You know, you make some, you miss some.  You get some bad breaks and get some good breaks.  That was a good break.  You know, a day of would have, could have, should have.  Maybe it all evens outs.

Q.  Have you ever had a double eagle?
ZACH JOHNSON: I had a double eagle years ago I lived here in Orlando at Heathrow on the 2nd hole.  Start birdie, double eagle, par, birdie and shot 74.  Clearly a double eagle will make my game very rusty.  I got to work on that.

Q.  Zach, take us through the great shot at 16 because you hole-out for a deuce.  Give us a little Hale Irwin there along the ropes lines with the high fives?
ZACH JOHNSON:  It's not very often you get one of those.  I had a nice following out there, might as well give them a little high five action.  Hit a good tee shot and walking off I see Mr. Arnold Palmer, the king, standing there I had to go ahead and shake his hand and his Mrs.  Continued on.  Maybe it rubbed off on me.  Yeah, I'll take it.  That was certainly a great way to end a rollercoaster today but a good week.

Q.  What was the club, I'm sorry?
ZACH JOHNSON:  5-iron.  It was 185 and 21.

Q.  206?

Q.  From the reaction you thought it had a chance.
ZACH JOHNSON:  To go in?

Q.  No, just really --
       ZACH JOHNSON:  Damon and I, it was five to eight yards left of my target.  I'm trying to use the bank and let it go down in there, right of the pin.  I hit it good.  The ball is going a long ways.  It's just traveling a long ways.  Seems like it's traveling a long ways into the wind.  One of those shots that like I said, I tugged it but it carried, it carried a good 190, whatever it was, 195 to 199.

Q.  Zach, when a hole is an average 4, do you still like it as a par 5?
ZACH JOHNSON:  I think it's irrelevant.  To me -- you know, it's when we play U.S. Open, they make 5s 4s and it's just a number.  As far as red and black, you know, that's where people look at it differently.
Statistically, certainly at the end of the week, end of the year you're looking at it differently.  That's one there that, you know, we played it as a 4 not too long ago and put it back to a 5.  You can make a six there in a heartbeat.

Q.  Isn't it better to say albatross instead of eagle?
ZACH JOHNSON:  In that regard it's a great par 5.

Q.  When you got to 17 and stuck it close and you were 14-under, did you think at that point if I post a number this could get interesting?
ZACH JOHNSON:  I never looked at the board.  My guess I had climbed a good bit.  I didn't know if it was Top-5, Top-3, whatever it was.
But, yeah, yes, and, you know, I pride myself on being pretty mentally strong and I would almost say mentally, you know, in the moment and I clearly was not.
I was overthinking things and even though I hit good shots, hit good shots on 17 and 18, but the short game execution just was not there and, like I said, I was overthinking those putts.

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