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March 21, 2015

Bob Boldon

Mariah Byard

Quiera Lampkins


ASU – 74
Ohio – 55

THE MODERATOR:  Coach Bob Boldon and Mariah Byard and Quiera Lampkins.
COACH BOLDON:  I have no real comment.  But I'd be happy to answer your questions.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
COACH BOLDON:  No, not really.  I thought they shot the ball well.  They're obviously a well‑coached team, and very skilled, very talented, and a very good basketball team.  And they showed it tonight.

Q.  Your thoughts object the game, difficult end to the season, but I guess anytime you make it this far it's a success.
MARIAH BYARD:  I wasn't happy with the way the game went and the way we finished off, but I think that ‑‑ I mean we had a great season and I think this gives the rest of the guys something to work on in the future.

Q.  Your thoughts on the game and the season?
QUIERA LAMPKINS:  I think it was a great season, especially from where we started last year.  I don't think we had a great end to it, like Mariah said.  The rest of us will be here next year.

Q.  Coach, second half, obviously it was a little closer at halftime, but things tended to get away the last ten minutes of the game.
COACH BOLDON:  Yeah, they should be happy with this team.  It's a good team.  They played well tonight.  They played well all year, and today was no exception.  Shot it well, had a good post presence.

Q.  Your thoughts on the season as well.  And obviously it ends here today, but it took you here?
COACH BOLDON:  This is a disappointing end to a tremendous season.  It was a team that wasn't ‑‑ I don't know where we were picked.  It wasn't first or second.  Probably wasn't third.  Might have been fourth or fifth or sixth.  They showed a lot of toughness throughout the year.  And they persevered and worked incredibly hard.  They're a tough team.  And were able to win a conference and the conference tournament and put themselves in a spot that Ohio University hasn't been to in a long time.  And it's obviously something that we're very proud of.
As I mentioned earlier, just disappointed on the way it ended.

Q.  Coach, can you just say what do you think was the biggest thing they did today that threw you?  Was it the defense, the 3‑point shooting?  What were the biggest factors that allowed it to get away from you?
COACH BOLDON:  I just think they're really good.  They do a lot of things well.  They shoot well.  Guard well.  They have a good post presence.  They're obviously well coached.  They're a good basketball team.

Q.  Kiyanna Black was in foul trouble.  How big of a factor was that in today's game?
COACH BOLDON:  I mean, I would rather them not be in foul trouble.  But KB ended up playing 30 minutes.  I don't think she was quite as aggressive as she wanted to be.
Lexie played most of the game.  She picked up a couple of fouls late.  It didn't have nothing to do with us losing the basketball game.  We could have been a little more competitive if they played more.  But basketball happens.

Q.  Coach, did you expect ASU to press that early?
COACH BOLDON:  Yes, I thought they would press us the entire game.

Q.  Coach, obviously painful now, but do you see the team getting back to this position, in a NCAA tournament in the future?
COACH BOLDON:  I think that's the goal.  That's the goal for every team.  A bunch of teams talking about getting to the tournament.  We're going to try like crazy.  We've got to play basketball without turning it over 18 times.  That's a big number.  That's a huge number.  Obviously didn't shoot the ball very well.  And I don't think we guarded very well.  We have a lot of things to work on.  We'll give the kids time off, and get back to the gym and try to get better.

Q.  How tough is it to leave a player like Mariah Byard this season?
COACH BOLDON:  We'll miss her percentage‑wise, and the things that she does on the floor.  But she's a tremendous help side defender.  She has a tremendous understanding of the game.  She understands things as good as anybody we have.  She's a 3.89 student in nursing.  She's a kid that gets it done.  She's a tremendous role model for our kids and how to conduct herself as a student and athlete.
There's a lot of different levels that we'll miss Mariah, but seniors have to go and graduate and she can go make some money, and then we've got a bunch of young kids coming in, and we try our best to coach them.

Q.  Your message for the squad after the game?
COACH BOLDON:  That they had a great regular season and if they want to win an NCAA game they've got to get better.
Thank you everyone.

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