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March 21, 2015

Matt Jones


Q.   Matt, congratulations on a great finish.  Anytime you get 4 birdies on the final four holes on this golf course.  I know it was kind of tough that start, made the turn even and 5-under on the round.
MATT JONES:  I got off to a tough start.  My goal was to get back to double digits in the tournament.  I was able to do better than that.  I have a chance tomorrow.

Q.  Louis gave you a little line there at 18?
MATT JONES:  He did, actually.  He said that when we were on the green together.  Perfect line putt.

Q.  What was going through your mind when you started off with a couple of bogies on the first three holes?  How do you keep yourself in the game and knowing you have a chance?
MATT JONES:  The first hole I bogeyed, it was a bad shot and came up short.  The other hole, a bad wedge, just made a bad bogey.  There are plenty of birdie chances.  You just got to stay patient and give yourself chances.  I'm putting really well and that's going to be the goal tomorrow is to keep my chances.

Q.  One back.  We don't know what it will be when it starts tomorrow.  Your thoughts on going into the final round in the hunt.
MATT JONES:  Yeah.  Just to play -- have my game plan.  My coach is over from Australia this week.  We have a couple of things to tighten up on the range.  I didn't strike the ball as good as I would have liked.  I'm going to hit as many greens as I can and give myself as many birdie putts.

Q.  You were following Matt Jones early in his round when things were a little squirrely.  Bogeyed two of your first three.  Turned it around with the birdies coming in, four in a row.
What was the difference between the early part of your round and the latter part of your round?
MATT JONES:  Nothing, really.  Just giving myself chances.  I missed the green on the 1st hopefully, missed the green on the 3rd hole.  Got chances to make birdie.  My goal was to give myself chances at birdie coming down the stretch and after the first three holes, I was able to take advantage of them.

Q.  Such a huge jump you made on the leaderboard today.  How much momentum, especially with the four birdies to close do you think you build to use tomorrow?
MATT JONES:  Yeah.  Anytime you can finish off good it's going to give you a good feeling going into tomorrow.  I'm going to work on my swing a little this afternoon with the coach and be ready to go tomorrow.

Q.  Pretty nice finish there.
MATT JONES:  It was.  Got off to a tough start with a couple of bogies on the first threes hopefully.  Never the way you want to start a round considering you're already what was I 5, 6 back and put you even further back.
Knowing the holes ahead and shots, the shapes of the holes that are ahead that fit my eye, suit my game.  I knew I had birdie chances.  I was able to capitalize on some.

Q.  Some low scores early on today.  When you went out did you think there was a number for you to get?
MATT JONES:  I knew there were low scores.  I never have a goal, really.  I have a game plan that I want to try and execute.  If I do, I'm going to have a good score.  Didn't get off to the start I wanted but I finished the way I wanted.

Q.  What kind got clicking towards the end?
MATT JONES:  Just giving myself chance.
THE WITNESS:  I putted well all week.  I made probably a 60 footer for a birdie.  Just give myself a chance.  I hit a good 6-iron into 16 and good 7-iron and the way the greens are rolling, you can be aggressive.

Q.  What's your mindset going into tomorrow?
MATT JONES:  Going to be the same.  Fairways and greens.  That's probably the old saying everyone is going to say it.  Give myself chances, try to limit mistakes and just have a chance to be on the back-9 the last few holes.

Q.  Can you go back to your experience in Houston last year, kind of help you a little bit?
MATT JONES:  Houston was a different situation.  I bogeyed the 1st hole and I think I was 7 back at that stage.  I knew I had to make birdies to have a chance, especially with someone of Matt Kuchar's quality.  I have to do it.  In that tournament I was very calm all Sunday.  Hopefully that happens tomorrow.

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