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March 20, 2015

Simona Halep


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Not the way you expected to get to the final, but your thoughts?  What was the process in finding out what was happening?
SIMONA HALEP:  Yeah, you know, it's really tough for her that she had to withdraw.  I know how it is when you are injured.  It's really difficult to go on court to play.  It's dangerous, and you have to take care of yourself.
You know, I cannot be happy.  I cannot be sad.  I just want to think that it's another final after tomorrow and I have to stay focused, to stay concentrated, and to try everything Sunday to win.

Q.  How disappointed are you not to get another chance to play Serena?  After your last match you seemed excited for the opportunity.
SIMONA HALEP:  Yeah, I was very excited since two days ago when I won quarterfinal that I will play against her again.  When I arrived here this tournament, after my first match, I said I want to play with Serena in semifinals, so I was waiting for this match.
But, you know, you never know what is happening.  So, yeah.  I cannot comment anymore because I know how it is to be injured.

Q.  How did you find out?  What time did you find out and how?
SIMONA HALEP:  When she said that she's injured with her knee, when everyone knew, I heard, as well.

Q.  What time was that?
SIMONA HALEP:  I don't know exactly time.  What time was that?
THE MODERATOR:  Sorry, I don't know the exact time.

Q.  What are your thoughts on playing Jelena in the final.
SIMONA HALEP:  I know her.  She's a tough player, tough opponent.  I played many matches against her, and every one was really difficult.  I know I have to run a lot, to hit the balls strong, and, you know, to be aggressive, to stay focused for every ball, because she's fighting till the end.
I feel ready to play against her.  I feel ready to take my chance during the match.  You know, I feel that I can win this title, but I expect very tough match.
The final is open.  Everyone can win.

Q.  When you found out, at what point did you start scouting that match?  When you found out that you'd be in the finals, did you find out before their match and were you scouting it?
SIMONA HALEP:  No, not before.  Just when she announced that she would withdraw, I went on court and I just practice a little bit.  Yeah, I'm already thinking about the final, so I know it's not easy for her to decide to withdraw.  I said, I understood, yeah.

Q.  Are you surprised to play Jelena in the finals?
SIMONA HALEP:  I can say that before the match, the semifinals, I thought that she can win the semifinals.
I'm not surprised, because she was No. 1 in the world, and she has a lot of experience and she knows how to manage the situations.
She's playing great now.  She feels, I think, the game.  I expect a tough match, because she's a great player.

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