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March 20, 2015

Vasek Pospisil

Jack Sock


6‑4, 6‑4

Q. Talk about the win tonight.  Wimbledon rematch.  I know you played them in Cincinnati last year, but you knew it was going to be a battle, right?
JACK SOCK:  Yeah, obviously Wimbledon was a pretty epic match.  Three, three‑and‑a‑half hours, five sets.  We were fortunate to get through there in the end.
They handled us pretty easily in Cincinnati.  We didn't really get in there like we wanted to.
But, yeah, here, we came out here tonight and played pretty great tennis.  We were able to kind of take care of our serve, take care of our serves smoothly, which helped us on the return.
We could play freer and hit out more on our shots.  Vasek played great tonight, and I just kind of watched and tried my best.
VASEK POSPISIL:  Not really.  (Laughter.)  I mean, yeah, like just as Jack said, we played a great match.  Right from the beginning we both played well, went for our shots, and it worked out, you know, when you have to play flawless tennis.
We executed our game plan really well today, I thought.

Q.  What did you do with all the extra time you had to wait before you played, other than sign autographs?
VASEK POSPISIL:  Other than get rid of my sock tan on Twitter.  Yeah, I went to the pool actually for an hour and worked on my sock tan.  I was in the shade; the only part that was in the sun were my feet.
So that's what I did.

Q.  How about you, Jack?
JACK SOCK:  I went back to the house for a while we were staying at and watched a bunch of March Madness, watched my bracket.  Just did completely terrible.  Yeah, just awful.  And then, yeah, then I watched some Family Feud.
VASEK POSPISIL:  I played guitar, too.  I should throw that in there.
JACK SOCK:  Price is Right.  I played a bunch of games of Euchre, family card game we like to play.  Came out and played soccer to get ready.
VASEK POSPISIL:  Aren't I part of the family?
JACK SOCK:  You're part of the family.
VASEK POSPISIL:  I wasn't invited.
JACK SOCK:  Euchre is awesome.

Q.  What about the first week playing together?  That's got to be pretty exciting.  Kind of almost where you left off last year.
JACK SOCK:  I missed him a lot.  It was great to be back.  It was great.
VASEK POSPISIL:  It was a long four‑and‑a‑half months.  (Laughter.)  We're happy to be back on the court.  We are enjoying ourselves.
Yeah, we are a dangerous team.  When we are playing well and when we are focused out there we are a tough team to play I think for anybody.

Q.  You seem like the most relaxed team.  I mean, I was hearing that maybe you guys are so much more focused on your singles than doubles, but you're having a lot of success with your doubles.
JACK SOCK:  Yeah, for both of us singles is obviously a priority.  We love playing doubles, and with the success we have had we are obviously going to continue to play for a while, I hope.
But, yeah, I think that's a big part of it.  We said a few times that I think it's a big part of our success, as well, that we stayed very relaxed, like you said.  We have a lot of fun smiling, joking around most of the time on the changeover or maybe even between points we're not even talking about tennis some.
We'll just joke around.  We play loose and we are able to hit our shots and have a good time.

Q.  If you win another major will you start taking it more seriously?
JACK SOCK:  We take it seriously.
VASEK POSPISIL:  We are relaxed but focused.  We are not putting pressure on ourselves to win.  That's ‑‑we still want to win, right?
VASEK POSPISIL:  But obviously ‑‑ you know, if we win another major I don't think we are going to change anything.  We will keep doing what we are doing because obviously it's working.
But, yeah, like Jack said, we are just having fun but trying to do well as well.

Q.  You won't try to do what the Bryans did and just focus only on doubles?
VASEK POSPISIL:  Definitely not.  100.

Q.  Why do you think it's working?  I'm looking at you from the Bryans' point of view.  Not only do you overpower them like a team will do to give them a challenge, but you also play really good doubles.  You do both of those things.  Do you think that's a fair assessment of why you give them fits?
JACK SOCK:  Yeah, I mean, we have talked about it a few times.  I think we gel well together with our strengths; we kind of blend very well together.
We were talking about it earlier actually.  I obviously don't come ‑‑I don't serve and volley as much as Vasek.  He has pretty unbelievable hands.  He's able to get us out of some trouble with serve and volleys, sticking volleys.
He moves very well at the net and understands doubles obviously very well.  I like to stay back and dictate with my serve or my forehand.  I will get us out of trouble sometimes from the back and able to kind of maneuver the ball around to also help him at the net and get the shot he wants.
And vice versa:  he's able to move around the net and give me a forehand and I'm able to come in.  I like being at the net, but my strength might be at the back dictating my forehands as much as I can.  I think we both served well, which obviously is tough for any team that we play, and then we were able to put some returns in play, which helps, as well.

Q.  Exactly how many tournaments have you guys played together?
VASEK POSPISIL:  I don't know.
JACK SOCK:  Five or six.  Eight?  I don't know.
VASEK POSPISIL:  I just guessed.  I have no idea.
JACK SOCK:  Wimbledon.  Cincinnati.

Q.  US Open.
JACK SOCK:  Wimbledon, Atlanta, Cincy, US Open, Shanghai, Paris.
VASEK POSPISIL:  How many was that?
JACK SOCK:  Six.  This is our seventh.

Q.  So a goal has to be with London knowing you were No. 10 last year.  I mean, I guess if you would have played a few more times last year you might've had a good chance to get in.
JACK SOCK:  Or if we ‑‑ we had a match point in Shanghai that we didn't get which would've gotten us in.  So, I mean, yeah, it was down to a point, serve, volley, whatever it was.
VASEK POSPISIL:  Not the most fortunate one for us.
JACK SOCK:  But, yeah, it is what it is with not being able to get time off and rest the body and get ready for the new year.  Yeah, if we keep having success, I mean, it's always a goal.  It would be a privilege and honor to be at the end of the year championships.

Q.  Wimbledon was your debut together?

Q.  How much have you guys worked together?  How much is natural chemistry you guys have?
VASEK POSPISIL:  It's 100% natural chemistry we have.
JACK SOCK:  Organic.
VASEK POSPISIL:  We don't do any doubles drills.  We are 100% focused on singles.  All of our decisions throughout the year are directed towards our single success, and then we play doubles where it makes sense.
When we go on a doubles court, if the time is right we give it our best, as always.  But we are not‑‑ you know, we are still 100% singles and we are not working on our doubles game really.

Q.  That's amazing.  Walk in and win a Grand Slam the first time.
VASEK POSPISIL:  Like Jack said, our games do actually match extremely well.  Also, you know, on top of everything that he said, we are also big servers and we are both very athletic.  We are both athletic.  I mean, we both feel like good athletes.  We cover the court well, and that's it.  I don't know.
JACK SOCK:  That's a wrap.
VASEK POSPISIL:  That's a wrap, buddy.

Q.  All right.  So you guys really seem relaxed, confident.  Seemed like you were feeling good the whole match.  I think it was 3‑3 down 40‑30 and you guys end up winning that game.  I didn't see you guys wavering or feeling any pressure at that point.  What is it that's having you guys play so relaxed?  Is it lowered expectations on your part, or just your mindset in general the way you guys play?
JACK SOCK:  I think a lot of it comes maybe from the success we had last year obviously.  If we had played ‑‑ this is our seventh tournament.  We've won two matches.  It might be a little different.
But the success we have had, and like he said a minute ago, I think with our serves and stuff you feel pretty good going into most service games.  And whether I'm serving staying back hitting forehands or he is serving covering well like he does, I think once we get up a break we feel pretty good.
Obviously it can go the other way at any time, but we stay pretty relaxed.  I think when you put the pressure on yourself, Wow, we're up a break and we have a chance now, that's when the errors will come or the sloppy tennis.
You know, our whole thing is as long as we keep it fun or relaxed, I think that's when we play our best tennis.

Q.  Beating them before, does that help?  Do you know their game?  Do you study their game?  Is it reacting to what's happening out there?
VASEK POSPISIL:  We have played them a couple of times, so it know...
JACK SOCK:  I have played them like 10 times.
VASEK POSPISIL:  Yeah, yeah, exactly.  So we know their games pretty well.  Their games don't really change, it know, very much.  So we know their strengths and their weaknesses.  We just take from our previous experiences playing them and adjust accordingly.  Last match we lost, so we made some adjustments.  How did they beat us?  We just tried to improve for this match.

Q.  It mentioned injury downstairs when the match was over.  How are it guys feeling?  Things good?
JACK SOCK:  Yeah, feel good.

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