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March 20, 2015

Brian Realbuto


THE MODERATOR:  We welcome 157‑pound finalist, Brian Realbuto of Cornell.  We'll start off with an opening statement from Brian talking about his match tonight.
BRIAN REALBUTO:  I mean, there is really not much to say.  I went out there and wrestled just like I would any other match.  Unfortunately, my opponent got hurt.  I'm sorry for that, but it's working toward my goals and trying to get to a national finals, which is what I did.  I'm happy.

Q.  Can you describe your reactions to what you thought, what you didn't know then, and the last four hours, including this match, what an up and down?
BRIAN REALBUTO:  From the quarterfinals?

Q.  Yes, I apologize.  From the quarterfinals.
BRIAN REALBUTO:  Yeah, as I said earlier, that was a situation where I wasn't really in control and I wasn't a part of the decision that occurred.  It's unfortunate that there was a mess‑up in the scoring or the referee's decision on the mat.
But, like I said earlier, if I were aware of the situation at the time, I think that last 30 seconds would have been wrestled differently.
I'm not really upset about it.  It's something I've moved on from and I'm looking for my national title.

Q.  You had Martinez in the finals and he said you wrestled in junior freestyle match a couple years ago.  Obviously he's a different wrestler, and I'm sure you are too.  Are you looking forward to this challenge?  He's had a great season also.
BRIAN REALBUTO:  Yeah, I mean, he's a freshman coming in.  He's had an exceptional season.  He's undefeated right now.  For me, it's going to be an exciting match.  His style matches up well with mine.  As you said, we wrestled in the field juniors.  That was also an exciting match, a high‑scoring match that was around 14‑12 or something like that.
It's going to be an exciting match, and hopefully we can put on a show for the crowd.

Q.  You beat Massa in the duals too.  A lot of people thought you were peaking.  What is special about this time of the year?  Is it because you need to wait until the second semester before you do it?
BRIAN REALBUTO:  Yeah, I think it kind of worked out for me, at least in my mind, that the rest of the season doesn't really matter.  Anything can happen.  As you can see there are guys that come in here unseeded and knock off top guys.  They may not have had the best season coming in here.
But this is all that matters.  These three days are all that count in wrestling.  That's all that's on my mind is focus the entire season.  Everything is practicing and getting ready for this moment.

Q.  You go to an Ivy League school that is consistently fighting for a trophy here at the NCAA Wrestling Tournament.  Talk about what it is about the Cornell program that allows year‑in and year‑out this team to compete at a high level?
BRIAN REALBUTO:  Coach Koll is a huge part of that.  He came into the program many years ago and turned it around and really created the dynasty that we have today.  This year marked I believe the ninth straight IWA championships.  Coach Koll was really at the helm of that creation of such an incredible program along with the rest of our coaching staff.  He's put together a great environment for people such as myself to come and get a great education and also do exceptionally well at wrestling.  So Coach set that program up and is continuing to flourish.

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