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March 20, 2015

Stacy Lewis


KELLY SCHULTZ:  We'd like to welcome Stacy Lewis into the interview room.
Stacy, such a hot start this morning as you finished up the first round, felt like you had everything going, and then to go out and shoot 1‑under, still a good score, but do you feel a little disappointed that you were not able to kind of capitalize on that momentum you had going early?
STACY LEWIS:  I mean, maybe a little bit.  Those rounds, I made nine birdies; it's always hard to follow that.  And I knew that going into it that it was going to be tough.  I didn't do too much different other than I just got on the wrong side of the hole.  The first round, I basically gave myself a lot of uphill putts, and then today, it was downhill sidehill swingers.  You're not going to make very many of them.  Just got on wrong side of the hole, and still under par.  So I mean, I'm right there.
KELLY SCHULTZ:  Karrie said she noticed a big change in the greens from the afternoon to the morning.  Did you notice that same tendency?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, they played a little bit different.  Probably starting to release out a little bit more.  Speed‑wise, they definitely‑‑ I was on the right side of the hole but I thought they rolled a little bit better in the morning, just being a little bit fresher.  But overall, the golf course is still pretty soft.  You can still be pretty aggressive versus past years.
KELLY SCHULTZ:  A long day out there.  But do you like these‑‑ no one I guess loves these kind of days.
STACY LEWIS:  No.  As you get older, you don't like these days (laughing).
KELLY SCHULTZ:  Do you feel, though‑‑ I know you're so focused on fitness and keeping yourself healthy that you have an advantage when you do have these types of days that you're well prepared for it?
STACY LEWIS:  Oh, for sure.  I felt like coming into the day that it was going to be an advantage just to know how to take care of yourself.  I've been at the golf course for I think 11 hours now today.  Just knowing that, and I mean, everybody's in pretty good shape now.  You don't see too many people that can't do it.  It's just more the early mornings and the late nights.  It's been a long 24 hours.  So definitely get some good rest tonight and go pretty late tomorrow afternoon, which will be nice.

Q.  Ing this morning after your round, you made a comment about how in the past the LPGA had one dominant player and you didn't think it was necessarily great for the Tour.  Why do you think that's the case?
STACY LEWIS:  I think competition is great.  I think a battle; it gives people something to talk about.  It gives people something to follow, and as players, I like it.  I think we make each other better.  I think we push each other more.  When somebody's a dominant No. 1, the only person I really played with like that was Yani, and at the time, she seemed just so far away from‑‑ I felt like I had to improve a ton to get to where she was.
So I don't know if you maybe necessarily don't work as hard, but you kind of can't really picture yourself there as much.  Where with the three of us pretty close, it's not very many things we have to change or do different to beat each other.  More than anything, I think it's just great to talk about.  It gives the media something to talk about.  It brings attention to the tour.  It gives fans something to follow.  That's the biggest thing.

Q.  The swing changes that you were talking about, they weren't really changes; they were just going back to some things that you had done in the past.  Are you comfortable with that now, and do you feel like that there have been some really good rounds and then some late on Sunday‑‑ ball‑striking hasn't been there.  Are you comfortable with where that is?
STACY LEWIS:  It's getting there.  It's not exactly where I want it.  These last two rounds, I was happy with the way I hit my wedges, because that was kind of what went off the last‑‑ those couple weekends over in Asia.  When my wedges start getting back on track, everything else usually kind of seems to fall into place.  It's still not exactly quite where I'd like it, but at the same time, I'd like that in a couple weeks versus right now.  It's still a work‑in‑progress, and it shows that it's not exactly where I want it but I can still put up some pretty good numbers.  That's what I'm excited about.

Q.  Karrie said that she saw glimpse of the old Yani when you guys were playing.  What have you observed from Yani in these two days together?
STACY LEWIS:  You know, I played with Yani in Asia, too, and there's definitely, she's definitely doing a lot of really good things.  You can see some of the physical changes in her golf swing starting to get there.  What I've seen in the couple rounds with her is she's kind of gotten off to good starts, and then one thing kind of happens, and then whether it's a bad break or one bad swing or something like that, and it kind of throws her off and it takes her‑‑ whether she gets back on course, but it might take a long time.  It might take four, five, six holes to kind of get back on track.
We both‑‑ Webby and I both said that she got off to a great start yesterday‑‑ she wasn't under par or anything.  She was maybe even or 1‑under but she was doing a lot of really good things, and then it was one bad swing on seven and she was done.  I think it's there.  It's just I think it's still a little bit mental.  Mentally she's got to get a little bit stronger there.
KELLY SCHULTZ:  Thank you very much.

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