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March 20, 2015

Nathan Tomasello


THE MODERATOR:  The second 125 pound finalist, Nathan Tomasello of Ohio State.
Nathan, an opening statement on your performance tonight?
NATHAN TOMASELLO:  I'm just really excited and happy to wrestle and get a chance to wrestle Waters again and just go after it for seven minutes hard.
That was the biggest thing I wanted to go with was just non‑stop attacks with him, and I wanted to stay on my feet as much as I can.  It was good.  It felt like by the third period I was starting to really open him up and finally started to get in on his legs and finished good.

Q.  What happened in that last 30 seconds?  Why it did develop then, and talk about the impact this will have on the team race?
NATHAN TOMASELLO:  The last 30 seconds it was tied 2‑all, and I could feel him getting tired.  I think trusting in the training that I've been through with Coach Rosselli and Jaggers and Coach Ryan, and just the lifestyle I live, I felt like that's where I needed to even amp it up more and get that final takedown and winning on my feet before it goes into overtime.
I just went all out and knew that I could get in, get elbow pads and it just went great.

Q.  Nathan, Ohio State has three freshmen in the semis.  You are one of the freshmen that have been part of the success so far here in this tournament.  Do you guys take a little pride in the fact that you've been able to come out as a freshman and do so well?
NATHAN TOMASELLO:  Yeah.  I think in the beginning of the year it was tough.  A lot of people didn't think that we'd have a good chance to be here and to do so well.  It's just a good learning experience throughout the season, maturing and working and getting better.
I knew from the beginning we had a special team, and to have three freshmen captains, it just shows how strong the leadership is and how mature some of the guys are on the team.

Q.  What was the difference for you going into the third period, your mindset in a match that was coming down to the last second?
NATHAN TOMASELLO:  Right.  Well, I think‑‑ I knew it was going to be a tough one.  Waters is really good.  I've seen most of his matches, and I knew he would be a guy that would keep it close, and he's really good at defending his legs, staying in a four‑point stance, and really good on top and bottom.
So I knew going into it would be a close one.  The person at the end with the most heart would come out on top.  For me, he was just going after it from start to finish and giving it all, giving all the glory to the Lord.  He's just really my stronghold, and he's given me the strength to be here and have confidence in my abilities.

Q.  You've got Zeke Moisey in the finals.  I'm told you wrestled him twice this year.  That's what Zeke said.  Talk about that match‑up?  Obviously, you've got all day to get prepared for it, but what your thoughts are about your opponent?
NATHAN TOMASELLO:  He's a tough competitor.  He goes really hard.  He's had battles in high school and now in college.  He's a guy that's not afraid of the big stage and neither am I.  It's just going to be some fireworks tomorrow night.

Q.  Can you just talk about the exhilaration of winning in the final seconds?  Not just to win in the semis, but to do it with the roar of the crowd like that at the very end?
NATHAN TOMASELLO:  It's just mind‑blowing, this stage.  And being here a couple years back when it was held at St. Louis and watching as a fan, and then being here on the big stage for the semifinals, it's just an experience that you'll never forget.
It's one of the best moments of my life to be here and have that kind of match with Waters and just finish a takedown right at the closing seconds.  It's amazing.  It's tough to put in words.

Q.  I'm sure since you were a kid you dreamed about the NCAAs, and this is your first time through.  Has anything been different or unique or just something you didn't expect so far?
NATHAN TOMASELLO:  There's a lot of downtime in between, especially if you're winning.  I know Logan told me if you win you get a lot of downtime.  Finally being here and not being a spectator I realize, yeah, if you keep winning, you only have two a day, and there is a lot of time in between.
So just being able to relax, turn it on and off switch and turn it back off, being in relaxed mode and not getting yourself worn out throughout the day, so be ready for the afternoon match as well, I think that was a little different than I expected.
But I felt like just being able to take some naps and just turn on some music and relax, it would just help me throughout.

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