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March 30, 2002

Karrie Webb


LAURA NEAL: We've missed you this week.

KARRIE WEBB: Just thought I'd give you guys a couple of days rest from seeing my face in here. (Laughs).

LAURA NEAL: Talk about your round today, coming back and getting into the lead.

KARRIE WEBB: Well, before the round today, I knew that I needed to at least shoot in the 60s to have a chance tomorrow. So I thought if I got to 2- or 3-under, that would not be too far behind. I was thinking that if someone played really well and got to 7-under, and if I got to 3-under, four shots was not going to be that bad.

But, you know I just went out there. I played the par 5s better today. I made three birdies on the par 5s. Just really hit it really solidly. The only difference, really from yesterday, to today was that I made a couple more putts.

Q. Is it more gratifying to think right now to think at this point that you are tied for the lead, or the fact that you are swinging really well heading into Sunday?

KARRIE WEBB: I think what's gratifying is just that I have a chance tomorrow, and a really good chance. If Annika birdies the last, I think I'll only be one shot behind, if not tied for the lead. So that's probably better in an where I thought I was going to be at the end of today.

I just feel really good about the way I played today, and I'll need the same sort of round tomorrow.

Q. What did you think after the first round, did you think that you would be able to get to this point, or how upset were you after your first round?

KARRIE WEBB: I wasn't all that upset. I just -- I was a little frustrated. I sort of -- I wouldn't say played scared, but I played very cautiously. Instead of just swinging at the ball, I was sort of steering it, and that's -- you know, you end up playing worse when you play like that because you actually miss fairways and miss greens.

The first day was tough, though. If you didn't get any sort of rhythm going, which I didn't early on, the wind was just so tough out there that I felt I got away with shooting 3-over. It could have been worse, the way I felt.

Q. (Inaudible.)

KARRIE WEBB: Well, you know, actually, I was kind of -- because I went and tried to practice, but it was so windy Thursday afternoon, I sort of left a little frustrated not knowing that -- I knew my stroke was there because I played really well in the Pro-Am the day before. I just had to be a little more patient and just concentrate and trust that now my swing is there and that I can hit the shots.

Q. Can you talk about, it looks like you and Annika will be in the last group tomorrow on Sunday of a major. You guys have talked pretty openly about how you push each other. Can you talk about how much you look for that opportunity if you do, and does this add any extra muster to it from your perspective?

KARRIE WEBB: Yes and no. I think -- I think Annika and I both bring the best out in one another, and the fact that -- well, I wanted to make sure I was in that last group. Just because I think part of being in the last group, playing with Annika will help me. I really didn't want to be in the second to last group because I knew I wanted to know what was going on in the last group.

And because I think that, you know, Annika does bring out some good golf in me. Whether or not that happens tomorrow, I'm hoping that I can just play the golf I played today. But it's going to be -- it's going to be a good finish. You know, I think we'll leave it all out there. I think Annika is not going to, you know, lay down too easily, either. And not only her, but it's a good leaderboard. There's a lot of good players up there. There's a lot that are not only even; they are only four shots behind, 1-over, five shots behind. So there's a lot of people who, really, if they posted a low score early on tomorrow, they have got a good chance, as well.

Q. How many times have you played with Annika on Sunday?

KARRIE WEBB: You guys probably know more than I do.

Like I said, I don't know.

Q. (Inaudible.)

KARRIE WEBB: I don't think ever in a major -- to be in contention, I don't think we've ever been in the final group on the last day.

Q. Why do you think she brings out the best you?

KARRIE WEBB: I think because I know I need to play my best golf to compete with her. I think we both do that to each other.

Q. One more question about that. Is it good for women's tennis -- laughter -- women's golf, for No. 1 and No. 2, to go against each other?

KARRIE WEBB: I don't know, you'll have to ask Venus that. (Laughter.)

No, I think it's good. Hopefully, I think everyone is -- probably I'm sure ABC and ESPN are -- pretty excited that we both are going to be in the final group. I think it is going to make it for a good finish, and like I said, besides the two of us, there's a bunch of players that really have a shot if they got away tomorrow.

Q. (Inaudible.)

KARRIE WEBB: Is that aggressive? (Laughs.) No, I think I played pretty well. I'm getting it in the fairway, and then I really hit some good iron shots today.

I think when you see a few putts go in early on, it's easier -- it's easier to not feel like you've got to hit them to tap-in range. If you can hit it 15 feet, you know you've got a chance of making it.

Q. What happened on 18?

KARRIE WEBB: You know, those pesky cell phones. A lady had hers on. She was right behind me, and then continued to play with it after that and was pressing buttons and it was beeping. But, you know, that happens at least five or six times a day. Just the timing of the moment wasn't exactly what I wanted.

Q. (Inaudible.)

KARRIE WEBB: At first I was irritated, I was just trying not to get too mad. And then she kept playing with her phone and I was like, "You know what, can you just stop playing with that, please." And she said she wasn't playing with it, so I don't know how -- but anyway, that's not the point. I made the putt. So I got out of there pretty quickly.

LAURA NEAL: Let's go through your score card, Karrie.

KARRIE WEBB: Second hole, I hit a sand wedge to about eight, 10 feet.

Fourth hole, I hit, I think it was a 9-iron, to about 20 feet and made the putt.

11, I hit a 3-wood just short of the green and chipped it to about four feet and made the putt.

12, I missed the fairway left. And hit it into the -- my second shot into the right green-side bunker and missed about a 10-footer for par.

13, I hit a 3-iron to 12 feet.

14, I hit a 9-iron to 8 feet.

18, I hit a 9-iron to about 20 feet.

Q. You were saying yesterday, reading the greens, sometimes if you're putting well and trusting your stroke, it becomes a little bit easier to read. Was there a point today, maybe on 2, where you put a good stroke on it that kind of set you up for the rest of the day?

KARRIE WEBB: I think that, and, you know, I think I hit a lot of good putts early on, whether they went in or not.

I missed -- I had about a 25-footer on 3 and really just missed that because I hit it a bit too hard. But I made the putt on the second and I made the putt on the fourth, and from there, I felt a little bit more comfortable on the greens.

I really didn't have a lot of putts, very long putts today. You know, I had a lot of putts inside 20 feet, which, you know, hopefully you make a couple of those.

LAURA NEAL: Thanks, Karrie.


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