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March 20, 2015

Matt Every


DOUG MILNE:  Matt Every, thanks for joining us for a few minutes.  At 6-under 66 in Round 2 today.  Eight birdies.  Just a couple comments on the round and we'll take a few questions, get you out of here.
MATT EVERY:  I played really well two days in a row, really good.

Q.  Since none OF us could ever imagine it, what's it like pulling into a golf course and seeing a flag OF your face hanging from a pole and your picture on tickets and media and whatnot?
MATT EVERY:  It is cool.  The coolest thing that kind of registered with me when I got here, I haven't been back since I won last year, was my name on all the memorabilia for the all the past winners.  That kind of sets in, Arnie's trophy and you see Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Matt, you know (laughter).

Q.  Ernie, Phil, Azinger singer.
MATT EVERY:  Yeah.  It's pretty cool to have my name with those.

Q.  Is it easier to enjoy the struggle after two rounds like that?
MATT EVERY:  Well, I've been struggling on the course but I know -- I've known for awhile that I'm on the right path, you know, just hitting shots on the range that I just -- I might have had before but I probably had to time it at the bottom or something and now they're big time golf shots, you know.
So, I think it's easier to enjoy the struggle when you know there's going to be good things at the end of it if you just keep going and I know there is.  I'm the kind of person where, you know, it just always ends up working out some way or another and I know it's going to work out, yeah.

Q.  The easy and obvious story line to say you come back here and this place somehow inspired you and did the trick.
Is that too easy of a story line or anything at all to that, do you think?
MATT EVERY:  There might be but whether I was defending or not this week, I'm really excited to play golf because I know I have good stuff coming, really, really soon and I said before you can lie to yourself.  I've done it before all the time where I think I can win at the start of weeks but you know sometimes it is -- it's like probably how Rory feels every week, you know what I mean (laughter).  Yeah.

Q.  Been around this golf course to know and you played here enough to know it's kind of defenseless out there.

Q.  Can this golf course get any easier than it is right now?
MATT EVERY:  The only thing that can kind of get in your way out there is mud balls, catching a couple but today was a little better.  Yesterday I had a few.  There's going -- if you get one on 11, that's so dicey.
Same with any of the holes with water on them, you get a mud ball, even if you get one on 6, you have to lay up.  That is not a guaranteed lay up with a mud ball.
So, that's really the only thing though.  The greens are running at a speed where everything is pretty makeable and there's no wind and the rough is down this year.

Q.  And yet you guys are good.  Is this as good a scoring as you're ever going to see on a golf course this hard?
MATT EVERY:  Yeah, probably.  I just don't know how it can -- it might be blowing like five miles an hour right now.  It's pretty hot.  I had sweat drip in my eye on the back swing.  That's defense right there.

Q.  I heard a guy raise an interesting point out there.  If he wanted to speed up play on the PGA TOUR they should slowdown the greens so you don't have the snarly four-footers coming back at any point.
Is there any validity to that theory?
MATT EVERY:  Maybe.  What's the difference between having them really slow one week and really fast?  Nobody said they have to be fast, you know.  Like having short rough or long rough.  There might be something to that.

Q.  Did you talk the Sean about anything specific in between the rounds yesterday and today?
MATT EVERY:  No.  Might talk about rap music or something.  Between the last two rounds?

Q.  Yes.
DOUG MILNE:  All right.

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