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March 20, 2015

Sam Saunders


Q.テつ All right.テつ Just kind of talk about the round today and got off to a tough start but --
SAM SAUNDERS:テつ Yeah, yeah, it was weird.テつ I don't know what was going on.テつ I was saying to my caddie, Travis, I wish I had been more nervous.テつ I kind of felt nothing out there for the first 7 holes.テつ I don't know what it was.テつ I couldn't really get my head into it, certainly not for lack of wanting to do well or trying, I just -- I don't know.
I was in a fog a little bit and then I was kind of in a really bad spot on 8.テつ The realization hit me, "If you make another bogey here this thing could get out of control quick."
And I hit kind of an all or nothing shot on 8 that would have been really bad if it didn't -- if I didn't put pull it off.テつ Ended up making par there, stayed patient and played the kind golf I'm playing.
I'm having a real issue with my driver right now.テつ In fact, I didn't hit it on the back-9.テつ Well, I hit it on 12, the par 5.テつ That was the last time I hit.テつ Wasn't even close to hitting the fairway.テつ I hit 3-woods the rest day including on 16, the par 5 and I hit one about 330 there with my 3-wood and 18 I hit 3-wood.
I'm hitting my 3-wood further than I was hitting my driver anyway.テつ I don't know what's going on there.テつ I got to figure that out.テつ Playing well and, you know, nice to turn things around and play a good back-9.

Q.テつ Are you going to hit the range with the driver tonight?
SAM SAUNDERS:テつ I don't know.テつ Might go do that.テつ It's way off.テつ I got to figure something out.テつ I'm not sure if I cracked it or it's something just not right with it.テつ It went from great to terrible all of a sudden.

Q.テつ Let's say even last year when you have been able after getting off to that kind start --
SAM SAUNDERS:テつテつ I don't think I had the calmness and patience that I do now to finish the back-9 like that.テつ To be honest, you know, I never got too worried out there today, I knew I was -- I know I needed to have a good back-9 to make the cut.テつ I still was trying to focus on more get it to 3, 4-under par and still, you know, 36 holes of golf left.テつ It's a lot of golf and I didn't try to get too far ahead of myself.

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