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March 19, 2015

Adam Scott


Q.  Nice one on 9.  Adam Scott, after what we called a disappointing week last week, how satisfying is it to put what you did up today?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, very happy with that.  I wanted to get in the mix right from the start this week and this is a good start.  The course is soft so there's going to be lots of good scores out there all week but pretty happy with the day where I didn't hit it my best but I made a good score out of it.

Q.  Lot of conditions on your putting, you're focusing on that right now.  I notice the longer putts you had a conventional grip and shorter putts you had kind of a claw grip.
What is your range in switching the grips, do you know or do you just go by feel?
ADAM SCOTT:  It's a little bit by feel but it's kind of once you get -- it depends on green speeds.  The greens are a bit slow out here this week so my range of conventional is going to be closer.  Once it's outsides 30 feet I'll be putting with a conventional style.  It's easier to generate some speed off the putter and certainly whatever it might be called, it's much more efficient on faster greens, the claw.

Q.  4-under par 68.  What was the key today?
ADAM SCOTT:  I think, you know, probably scrambled pretty well today.  I certainly didn't hit it my best.  Hit a few out there to like 70 feet and managed to get them down in two most of the time and then a couple errand shots into greens but up and down and that keeps the momentum, keeps you under par and gives you that belief that you can somewhere find another birdie and keep moving in the right direction.

Q.  You found one there at 9.  How was the putting out there today?
ADAM SCOTT:  It was good.  Look, the greens are slower than we'd all like probably this week so, you know, it's not exactly what I was hoping for to test my stroke at the moment, certainly leading into Augusta but it was good.  It went well today and, you know, everything is feeling good.

Q.  Talk about your round out there a little bit if you could, Adam.
ADAM SCOTT:  There was some pretty good stuff out there in all areas but not quite as sharp with my long game as I would have hoped off the tee and into the greens but managed to keep the momentum of the round going with some good saves when I missed the green and then, you know, hit enough good ones to find a few more birdies and keep moving in the right direction.
Overall, I'm pretty pleased with that today.

Q.  Can you talk about you switched a little bit back and forth between the conventional and the claw grip.  Can you talk about your philosophy on that and these greens?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  That's just more to do with the length of the putt and, you know, these greens are a lot slower than, you know, they normally are and once you're out there some pretty far range, 40 feet and above, the claw grip just makes it a little harder to generate enough speed to really put a positive roll on it is what I think and that's kind of what I'm going with.  It's just easier to swing it with two hands on the long putt.

Q.  Sort of on the close ones --
AInside of 30 feet and I'm clawing.  Really on the long, long ones and potentially getting on some fast greens here in the next month we're going -- I'll be clawing from as far out as I can, I think.

Q.  You cock your wrist on some of the looping ones.
AThere are were surprisingly slow putts.

Q.  Even off the green you think you'll still claw on places like Augusta where you'll be on the fringes and stuff?
ADAM SCOTT:  It's really speed-related, Alex.  I probably say no.  I'll probably go with two hands.  But, you know, it's like once it gets to a certain range where you have to swing it so long it's just easier to do it with two hands, I think.

Q.  You were looking at a couple different putters this week.  What is it you're looking for before you'll switch out of what you got?
ADAM SCOTT:  The perfect putter like everyone, Alex.  I'm working on some really great stuff with Scotty Cameron and a concept came out this week that is in line with kind of where I want to go with my perfect putter and so I gave him some feedback and hopefully he'll have something pretty special soon.

Q.  What is it about Bay Hill that you like or how does it fit your game because your scoring here is 1good.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  I mean I found so many great things about it and it's frustrating when you don't play well here, that's for sure, but I do believe it sets up well for my game, generally, so I try and take advantage of that and go to courses where, you know, I can hit the driver a bit and there's some real reward for hitting some drives in the fairway at some good distance and then attack from there but, you know, I think just generally sets up pretty good for my eye.
It's one of those places that I can see all the shots.

Q.  Your frustration of not playing well I guess you're referring to the final round last year.  Was it good to get out there and put another good number up after not finishing the way you wanted no?
ADAM SCOTT:  To be honest, I wasn't thinking about last year --
ADAM SCOTT:  -- I was thinking about 7 years ago and just playing average around here.  At times this course has been set-up so difficult with firm greens and long rough that when you're playing bad I embarrass myself out here and that was the kind of memory that I had but still it was good to get out here and put a good score on the board and get going and kind of hopefully stay somewhere near the lead today.

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